Route Mobile Partners with Oracle Marketing Cloud to Deliver Powerful Customer Experiences

Route Mobile Partners with Oracle Marketing Cloud to Deliver Powerful Customer Experiences

Already a Part of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Route’s Collaboration with ‘Oracle Marketing Cloud Capabilities’ Gives the Company an Added Edge to Deliver Better Experiences to Its Customers

More companies are moving to host their platforms on the Cloud — the concept of a physical server is getting outdated. Now, we have another brand, Route Mobile, following this trend and enlarging the Cloud-first approach in its efforts to upgrade its platform. Route Mobile has developed a communication platform for its customers, which is purely based out of the Cloud. Now, by partnering with the Oracle Marketing Cloud, they are ensuring that the platform is best in class.

“Being a technology-driven cloud communications platform provider means staying ahead of the innovation curve with innovative products and strategic partnerships. We intend to continue to ensure seamless delivery of SMS messages to companies so that they can have deeper mobile customer engagement with two-way SMS communication, which makes the interaction more engaging and generates an excellent customer experience,” said Rajdipkumar Gupta, MD and Group CEO, Route Mobile.

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“We are excited about this collaboration. We believe that Oracle Responsys’ customers will benefit from our quality A2P SMS routes across the globe, proprietary cloud communications platforms, and domain expertise. We will aim to ensure every enterprise is armed with a cloud or on-premise solution. We plan to leverage this platform to tap, offer our innovative products, and support customers around the world by utilizing the Oracle Responsys platform at a global scale,” he said.

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Sharad Kumar, CEO – Route Mobile LLC, added, “We believe that Route Mobile’s collaboration with Oracle Marketing Cloud eases the process for enterprise clients to choose the right SMS aggregator for their business whether it be for cost-benefit, local business and regulation understanding or SMS delivery rate. We also believe this engagement could bring exponential business growth in the Middle East and Africa, due to tremendous growth in mobile handset penetration.”

Route Mobile has a global presence with 800 mobile networks and another 230 network operators that the company works with. Their main product is the provision of high-quality A2P SMS routes. With the collaboration, Route Mobile hopes to reduce IT complexity for its clients and increase the return on marketing investment.

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Oracle NetSuite Helps Organizations Across Industries Grow with Powerful New Innovations

New Commerce, Global Tax Management and Analytics Capabilities Help Organizations Adapt to Change and Successfully Grow and Scale

Today, Oracle NetSuite has announced a series of new innovations to help organizations across industries grow revenues, expand internationally and empower business users. The new commerce, financial management, and analytics capabilities help organizations take advantage of the NetSuite platform to exceed customer expectations, enable international expansion and respond quickly to vital business needs.

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At the time of this announcement, Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of development, Oracle NetSuite, said, “For many entrepreneurs and business owners it can often feel as though the only constant is change but there are many things that have stayed the same including the mandate for growth.”

Evan added, “We work with thousands of organizations from different industries to help them stay focused on successfully growing and scaling their business amidst all of the change. This gives us a unique understanding of businesses across all sectors and we use those insights to continually enhance the NetSuite platform.”

NetSuite helps organizations across industries grow with powerful new innovations

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever. Competitors on all sides are closing in with new products and services, new business models and innovative customer experiences. Commerce has become mobile, social and always-on, like shopping, spending, and sharing happen 24×7. Rules and regulations governing data privacy and taxes are constantly changing. Customer expectations have never been higher. Size and scale are no longer an automatic advantage. New technologies continue to change the rules. And the pace of change is accelerating on all fronts. The latest innovations from NetSuite help organizations adapt to these changes and successfully grow and scale.

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The latest NetSuite updates include–

  • Commerce: The latest innovations within SuiteCommerceinclude new customer engagement, SEO and marketing optimization capabilities as well as a series of visual and interactive extensions that help marketers deliver a personalized and continuous shopping experience.
    • New themes to support B2B and B2C ecommerce sites for specific industries: Themes are optimized for performance, engagement, and conversion and are fully responsive to provide a consistent experience no matter how shoppers browse the store.
    • New extensions: Allow customers to quickly and easily expand their stores with new capabilities such as blogs, gift wrap, and message feature, size chart and testimonials.
    • General availability of merchandise hierarchy: Allows retailers to organize and display merchandise and provides a reporting structure of how sales and inventory of product are tracked and managed. This enables merchants to gain deeper insights into category sales and improve inventory planning.
    • Google tag manager editor: SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced sites can use SuiteCommerce Google Tag Manager Editor to connect their SuiteCommerce site to Google Tag Manager and to help manage third-party tags, like Google Ads and Facebook Pixel, without having to edit site source code.
    • Advanced email templates: Ready to use email templates can be branded for ecommerce emails, such as order notifications, digital delivery notifications and other notifications including password recovery.
    • New SuiteSuccess edition of SuiteCommerce: Enables rapid adoption and return on investment by removing the complexities and costs that surround successful commerce implementations.
  • Global Tax Management: To help organizations expand internationally, SuiteTax can simplify global tax calculations through support for nearly any tax rule, anywhere in the world. With SuiteTax, customers are able to calculate sales taxes in 140 different countries, including complex tax regimes such as China, India, and Brazil. Tax rates can be automatically updated and users will be able to leverage out-of-the-box reporting capabilities to quickly and easily drill down into every tax component so they know exactly how the tax on each transaction was calculated.
  • Analytics: To help end-users quickly and easily get the answers they need to be successful, SuiteAnalyticsembeds powerful analytics within existing business processes and provides an intuitive graphical toolset that makes it easy to explore and visualize data. By eliminating the need for developers and IT to deal with the complexities of separate reporting tools, business intelligence systems or data warehouses, SuiteAnalytics enables end users to quickly and easily get real-time business insights from across every area of the enterprise.

The latest additions to the NetSuite platform extend NetSuite’s commitment to helping organizations across the world grow, scale and adapt to change. NetSuite recently announced new industry innovations to help European businesses accelerate growth as well as new localized product capabilities and expanded in-country teams for France and Germany.

For more than 20 years, Oracle NetSuite has helped organizations grow, scale and adapt to change. NetSuite provides a suite of cloud-based applications, which includes financials / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), HR, professional services automation and omnichannel commerce, used by more than 15,000 customers in 203 countries and dependent territories.

Essextec Joins Google Cloud Services Partner Program

Essextec Joins Google Cloud Services Partner Program

Company Enhances Its Ability to Deliver Secure Cognitive Applications in the Hybrid Cloud

Essex Technology Group, Inc, a member of the Converge Technology Solutions family of companies, announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Services Partner Program as a Reselling and Consulting Partner, giving Google Cloud customers the ability to team with Essextec’s experts in Cloud, Cognitive, and Cybersecurity solutions to build and manage cloud applications and environments with some of the most advanced technologies available.

As a Google Cloud partner, Essextec offers consulting, application development, and managed services for cloud, as well as hybrid computing environments. Key capabilities include:

  • Cloud Journey Assessments which address true business challenges and are mapped to cloud-based technology solutions, including hybrid and private cloud
  • Experience in incorporating AI, machine learning, and cognitive computing into customized cloud-based solutions
  • Long term vision as a trusted adviser and Managed Services Provider
  • Consulting and implementation services for DevSecOps with continuous integration and continuous delivery

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Additionally, Essextec’s Cognitive Innovations business unit will focus on building solutions utilizing unique Big Data, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning capabilities on the Google Cloud Platform. These technologies include: BigQuery, Cloud AutoML, Cloud Composer, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Datalab, Cloud Dataprep, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Inference API, Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Cloud Natural Language, Cloud Speech-to-Text, Cloud Text-to-Speech, Cloud TPU, Cloud Translation, Cloud Video Intelligence, Cloud Vision, Dialogflow Enterprise Edition, Google Analytics 360 Suite, and Google Data Studio.

“With its AI-first strategy, Google Cloud is a natural partner for the Essextec cognitive computing and artificial intelligence team,” states Evan Herbst, Senior Vice President, Essextec. “Google Cloud’s commitment to open standards, priority on cybersecurity, and significant investments in hybrid cloud integration technologies, give Essextec an exceptional and trusted platform to use as we solve real business problems for our clients.”

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Essextec client, C4Coin, has recently been working with Essextec and Google Cloud Platform to strategically accelerate its business. Tigran Avakyan, C4Coin CTO, observes, “Google Cloud’s next generation software-defined networking provides a better working experience than its competitors. The improved process is paired with Google Cloud’s commitment to powering its servers with renewable energy – a crucial factor for an environmentally-focused company.”

The Essextec team has achieved multiple Cloud Architect and Data Engineer certifications on the Google Cloud Platform. The firm works with both established enterprises and emerging businesses to deliver GCP-based transformative solutions.

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OpenX Announces First of Its Kind Five Year Collaboration with Google Cloud That Will Form The Foundation of New Product and Technology Strategy

OpenX Announces First of Its Kind Five Year Collaboration with Google Cloud That Will Form The Foundation of New Product and Technology Strategy

Global Integration Will Deliver Greater Publisher Monetization and Improved Advertiser ROAS Through Superior Speed, Scalability and Reach Across OpenX Exchange

OpenX announced a first of its kind collaboration that will bring the entire OpenX exchange into the cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Through this deployment, OpenX will become the first ever major exchange to move all on-premises workloads fully into the cloud and become truly serverless. Work on integrating the five year technology collaboration began in 2018 with the companies expecting to complete the full transition to the cloud by the end of Q2, 2019.

This collaboration represents an evolutionary leap forward in how advertising exchanges operate today.  Every other scaled exchange utilizes physical server locations around the world to power their businesses.  These legacy systems hinder scalability as they must be close to the markets they power, hamper speed and inhibit rapid innovation due to the incredible maintenance costs and capital expenditures that must be diverted to sustain their lifecycle.  By joining DBM in utilizing GCP to power its global exchange, OpenX will deliver faster innovations into the market and far greater efficiency for both buyers and sellers. Specific benefits include:

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  • Speed: The move into GCP will increase the speed that bids come into the OpenX exchange allowing publishers to see greater demand for their audiences before an auction closes driving increased revenue potential.
  • Scalability: Powered by GCP, the OpenX exchange will be infinitely scalable, allowing the company to support publishers as they experience traffic spikes without sacrificing monetization opportunities or latency.
  • Global Reach: OpenX’s complete cloud-based exchange will eliminate the dependency for on premises servers utilized by nearly every programmatic exchange today, allowing the company to enter new global markets almost instantaneously and scale specific locations based on their unique demands.
    • Future-proofing: Google Cloud runs on the latest generation of computing power and technology. While on premise servers get outdated quickly, OpenX will leverage the latest technology through GCP.
  • People Based Marketing: As OpenX focuses its product innovations and evolves its exchange to bring people-based marketing to the open web for the first time, the collaboration with GCP allows the company to build on its significant existing data asset, and eliminate any barriers or caps on the number of data points or unique identities utilized.

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“Marketing has evolved significantly over recent years, and the old way of operating is no longer sustainable,” said Tim Cadogan, CEO of OpenX.  “As we look at the programmatic market today, we see a sector that has experienced massive growth and adoption, but at the same time has stalled in its ability to deliver real innovation for marketers and publishers.  We believe it is time to take a completely fresh look at the market and place a major bet on building the infrastructure necessary to drive the next wave of innovation. This investment and our work with Google will provide OpenX the flexibility to surge into new markets, adapt our business and billing models, expand our product suite to address the opportunity of people based marketing and provide our partners the exceptional quality and support they have come to expect.”

“Both OpenX and Google Cloud are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals with cutting-edge technology,” says Chris Klayko, Managing Director, Americas, Google Cloud. “This collaboration will allow for continued innovation leveraging both OpenX’s Exchange Platform and Google Cloud’s commitment to performance, collaboration, and big data optimization at scale.”

Prior to 2019, almost one quarter of the OpenX tech workforce was dedicated to maintaining legacy infrastructure. The transition to Google Cloud Platform will free resources to focus on new growth areas for the company, such as people based marketing, video and CTV. These fast growth areas have seen strong early results, with video now making up more than 1 in 10 dollars on the OpenX exchange.

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Oracle Eloqua Innovations Accelerate Lead Generation and Increase Conversion Rates

Oracle Eloqua Innovations Accelerate Lead Generation and Increase Conversion Rates

New Content Creation, Sales Tools and Auditing Capabilities Help Marketers Increase Efficiency and Creativity

Recently, to help marketers accelerate lead generation and increase conversion rates, Oracle had announced a series of updates to Oracle Eloqua. The latest innovations within Oracle Eloqua help marketers communicate with their prospects and customers as efficiently and easily as possible by introducing new content creation, sales tools, and auditing capabilities.

“In order to drive sales and strengthen brand and customer loyalty, B2B marketers increasingly have to deliver irresistible, consistent and connected experiences to customers wherever they are and however they choose to engage,” said Pierre Custeau, VP, product management, Oracle Eloqua.

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Pierre added, “To help our customers meet these increasing expectations, we are focused on delivering innovations within Eloqua that bring efficiency and creativity to the way marketers work. With the addition of powerful new content creation, sales tools and auditing capabilities, we are continuing to set the industry standard for marketing automation.”

Part of Oracle Marketing Cloud, Eloqua is a B2B marketing automation platform that helps marketing teams nurture prospects through email marketing and cross-channel marketing.

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The new enhancements to Oracle Eloqua enable customers to:

Quickly and Efficiently Create Compelling and Creative Landing Pages

A new Eloqua Landing Page Editor enables marketers to build out-of-the-box landing pages without touching code and provides an enhanced guided experience with more interactive elements to further increase efficiency and spark creativity. With the new landing page editor, marketers can natively build responsive landing pages featuring image carousels with rotating images and add video backgrounds to create more engaging content without needing technical expertise or outside agency support.

Streamline and Optimize the Sales Process

New Eloqua Sales Tools for Microsoft Outlook enables sales teams to access rich buyer insights, relevant content and track emails sent to prospects without having to leave their email platform of choice. The new integration with Microsoft Outlook also provides a seamless and consistent experience for sales teams that work across a range of platforms and devices by enabling users to easily access Eloqua Engage and Eloqua Profiler.

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Enhance Security, Tracking and Auditing

A new comprehensive logging and auditing procedure for all major accounts and objects further enhances the security and tracking capabilities within Eloqua. The new auditing capabilities ensure any sensitive data within Eloqua is protected against unauthorized usage or retrieval and enable users to obtain insights about login history, detailed audit insights and enhanced audit reporting that includes the ability to export audit logs for up to 25 months in CSV and XLS format.

Oracle Marketing Cloud is part of Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud Suite, an integrated suite of applications that empower organizations to take a smarter approach to customer experience management and business transformation initiatives. By providing a trusted business platform that connects data, experiences and outcomes, Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps customers reduce IT complexity, deliver innovative customer experiences, and achieve predictable and tangible business results.

RRD Launches Cloud Direct by RRD to Help Omnichannel Marketers Integrate Online and Offline Personalization

RRD Launches Cloud Direct by RRD to Help Omnichannel Marketers Integrate Online and Offline Personalization

Available within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Cloud Direct by RRD Drives Multichannel Campaigns by Integrating Digital and Direct Mail to Improve Targeting and Reach

R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company, a leading global provider of multichannel solutions for marketing and business communications, announced the launch of Cloud Direct by RRD, a trigger-based direct marketing application — housed within Salesforce Marketing Cloud — that improves targeting and extends the Marketing Cloud platform by fully integrating digital and direct mail channels.

“Modern marketing is not about taking sides between channels, but using data to get on the side of the customer”

Available within Journey Builder, Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel customer engagement solution, Cloud Direct by RRD, allows businesses to connect customer interactions across email, mobile, advertising, and the web. Cloud Direct by RRD leverages Marketing Cloud to drive customer engagement and response through the most meaningful communications channel.

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“Modern marketing is not about taking sides between channels, but using data to get on the side of the customer,” said Doug Ryan, President, RRD Marketing Solutions. “Our goal is to help our clients thoughtfully connect with their customers through the channels that will maximize their marketing spend. Cloud Direct by RRD does just that by extending our capabilities to integrate and optimize both digital and print communications. We’re excited to bring this innovative new capability to move closer to true omnichannel marketing.”

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Here is a small sample of real-world marketing solutions where Cloud Direct by RRD shines brightest:

  • Sending a personalized direct mail offer to high value customers
  • Triggering a direct mail piece when a subscriber email bounces
  • Sending a direct mail piece to promote engagement when a customer has not opened or clicked via digital channels
  • Providing a reacquisition incentive via direct mail that is triggered if a customer unsubscribes
  • Sending a personalized direct mail offer that leverages browse and cart abandonment data

Salesforce, Marketing Cloud and others are among the trademarks of, inc.

2018’s Cyber Monday Breaks All Records, Reports Adobe

Adobe Leverages Their Powerful Analytics Engine to Conclude Record Sales of $7.9 Billion on Cyber Monday for the Year 2018

Adobe Analytics released a consolidated report to share facts pertaining to Cyber Monday and the holiday week that went by on Monday. Here is a snapshot of the report-

  • $7.9 billion spent on Cyber Monday alone – 19.7 percent increment YoY
  • $3.7 billion spent on Thanksgiving Day – 28.7 percent growth YoY
  • $6.2 billion spent on Black Friday – 23.6 percent rise YoY
  • $6.4 billion spent on November 24, 25 – Biggest shopping weekend in the USA
  • $58.5 billion spent in November (till the twenty-sixth) – 19.9 percent growth YoY
  • $1 billion spent by shoppers on an average, every day – 1 to 26 November till 1900 hours ET
  • Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS) saw a whopping fifty percent increase YoY
  • Brick & Mortar stores saw 28 percent higher conversions – thanks to the blending of online and offline shopping

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Adobe also compiled a report specific to mobile phone shopping revenues-

  • $2.1 billion in revenues from smartphones for Cyber Monday (up from $1.4 billion in 2017) – 48.1 percent growth YoY
  • Smartphone’s traffic share (when compared to the personal computer) grew by 16 percent overall
  • 4 % site visits from smartphone – 7.8 percent tablets & 43.6 percent smartphones
  • Smartphones generated 34% of revenues – 7 percent tablets & 26.3 percent smartphones

This is America’s first Cyber Monday where more than 50 percent of site visits have happened via a smartphone.

The Most-Sold Products

  • Nintendo Switch
  • Little Live Pets
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • LG TVs
  • Drones (DJI, Air Hogs, Sky Viper)
  • Dell laptops
  • FurReal Pets
  • Amazon Echo devices

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“Cyber Monday sales topped $7.9 billion according to Adobe Analytics data, making it the single largest shopping day in US history,” said John Copeland, Head of Marketing and Customer Insights at Adobe. “Sales coming from smartphones hit an all-time high of $2 billion and we saw a significant spike in the ‘Buy Online, Pickup In-Store’ trend.”

Adobe should be complimented on the way they have detailed the report. These extremely deep-dived statistics are only possible due to Adobe’s Sensei – Adobe’s technology powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Sensei extracts data from a trillion data points that flow into Adobe’s analytics engine and Magento’s Commerce Cloud — parts of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Adobe’s acquisition of Magento has added major capabilities for Adobe in their digital transformation endeavors.

Here are some statistics about Adobe’s Analytics Engine:

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