Copytesting Launches the First Data-Driven Copywriting Research Tool

Copytesting announces the launch of its new audience research tool to turn copywriting — the last stronghold of gut feeling and opinions in marketing — into a data-driven discipline.

Each year, companies spend millions on copywriting but have little insight into their performance. When companies try to improve their website copy, they don’t know which words and phrases resonate with the reader, which turn them off, and why.

CMOs Need to Remain Flexible to Adapt to the Changing Market Dynamics

That’s costly guesswork. “Copywriting is critical to how well websites perform in terms of sales,” says Peep Laja, Co-founder and CEO. “The problem is that existing analytics tools can’t offer any insight — there’s nothing like Copytesting out there.”

Copy testing gives businesses data on where their sales copy misses the mark, so they can fix it and increase sales. The tool recruits a panel of people who represent a business’s target audience. Panelists read the website copy, assess the clarity and relevance of the content, and answer specific research questions.

COVID-19 Crisis Leading B2B Marketers to Reevaluate Content

In a matter of hours, businesses get quantitative and qualitative data about their site copy — the essential, unclear, or uninteresting words and phrases. Sections that score especially high or low are marked as such; sections that don’t reach a threshold of statistical validity are marked average.

Pega Simplifies Omni-Channel Customer Engagement with New Unified Messaging Capabilities

Pegasystems Inc, the software company empowering digital transformation at the world’s leading enterprises, announced the launch of Pega Customer Service™ Unified Messaging Edition – a new SaaS-based application that helps customer service teams respond faster and more efficiently to customer inquiries flooding in across disparate messaging channels. Deployable within days, this new solution provides a single dashboard where agents can more easily juggle requests between chat, messaging applications, social media, and SMS to deliver world-class customer service.

B2B Marketing Plans Ahead for 2020 and Beyond

With the pandemic causing a surge of new service requests, many businesses are accelerating their transition to more convenient and efficient digital messaging channels and away from more expensive and time-consuming phone calls. But this transition can come with a tradeoff: with dozens of messaging platforms available, agents can’t be expected to bounce between them without seeing a drop in service quality. These messaging options present even more problems on the backend, where the channels must connect with back-office processes to avoid disappointing customers with slow and inaccurate fulfillment.

Pega makes this transition easier with Pega Customer Service Unified Messaging Edition, which streamlines how agents support their customers across most messaging channels – including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Twitter, SMS, and webchat. The solution provides a single interface that unifies all channels for agents on the front end and orchestrates all workflows on the back end to help ensure quick and efficient delivery on customer requests. Underpinned by Pega’s industry-leading case management, this new cloud-based offering delivers a differentiated experience for agents and customers by:

  • Streamlining messaging interfaces and licenses: With Pega’s unified messaging capabilities, there is no need for agents to alt-tab between multiple messaging apps. Pega’s single user-friendly interface makes it easier to pivot between messaging services and manage concurrent conversations. Pega also provides a single license for all channels so clients don’t have to buy separate licenses for each chat, social, SMS, and messaging platform they use.
  • Driving chat requests straight through to fulfillment: Pega connects messaging channels with its market-leading case management capabilities to help ensure these requests are quickly worked to final resolution. Agents can seamlessly turn messages into cases so no requests are lost. The solution comes with two out-of-the-box case types ready for immediate deployment, and clients can customize them or add additional ones as needed.
  • Offering customers their channel of choice: The solution’s Multi-Channel Chat Widget allows customers to pick their channel of choice from a menu of options on a brand’s web or mobile chat function. The channel choices can be optimized based on the customer’s device and location.
  • Empowering customers to switch channels at any time: Nothing frustrates clients more than restarting service conversations from scratch. Customers can now seamlessly switch from webchat to a mobile channel like SMS and pick up the conversation exactly where they left off with the same agent. Even if a new agent needs to pick up the case or takes over from a bot, that agent has full visibility into the conversation history to continue the work.
  • Accelerating time to value: The solution can be deployed in under seven days with no coding required. Clients can quickly add additional messaging channels and new case types for changing requirements.

Artificial Intelligence Influencing and Transforming the Marketing Function

Outreach Announces “Outreach Kaia,” Real-Time Knowledge AI Assistant Which Helps Customer-Facing Reps Sell Smarter and Close Deals Faster

Outreach, the number one sales engagement platform, today announced Outreach Kaia (Knowledge AI Assistant), a revolutionary real-time, voice-enabled knowledge assistant powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that makes every sale rep more effective and every customer conversation more productive. The new product was unveiled today at Outreach’s flagship event, the Unleash Virtual Summit 2020, before an audience of over 10,000 sales professionals.

The IT Marketers Need to Upgrade Digitally to Effectively Contribute to Decision-Making

Outreach Kaia brings together intelligent sales enablement, advanced automation that streamlines tasks, and out-of-the-box capabilities that help sales reps conduct productive meetings and execute the perfect follow up.

“I’ve been waiting five years for Outreach Kaia. This is the most powerful tool to be introduced in the sales industry in a long time, and we are very excited to be bringing the next generation of sales technology to life,” said Manny Medina, CEO of Outreach. “Now more than ever, sales teams need Outreach Kaia — especially when so many of them are working remotely. Outreach Kaia’s ability to surface real-time information exactly when a sales rep needs it during a live conversation is powerful.

“Imagine you’re on a sales call and someone asks you a question about your product or your competitor’s pricing and you don’t know the answer. Well, Outreach Kaia will automatically pull up the information you need – in real-time.

“This level of intelligent assistance will make sales teams productive immediately. Outreach already drives a nearly 5x return for our customers. Now, with Outreach Kaia we expect that ROI to soar.”

Outreach Kaia keeps sales deals moving. It reduces the need for follow-up that can slow down a deal cycle — helping sales reps stay organized and focused during meetings and makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Key features include:

  • Web conferencing integration: Outreach Kaia is integrated into Zoom, a leading online conferencing solution, and includes support for video recording with screen share. Additional conferencing partners are planned in the future.
  • Real-time call recording and transcription: Sub-second call recording and speech-to-text transcription accurately capture the sales conversation as it happens.  Transcriptions can be searched or reviewed after the call for training and coaching.
  • Flashcards: Questions raised by a prospect during the meeting are answered by Outreach Kaia with prompt, on-screen Content Cards.
    • Content Cards provide information on topics such as product specifications and competitor comparisons, so sales reps can provide smart and timely answers to customer questions.
    • People Cards provide the sales rep with real-time knowledge about stakeholders that may be involved in the sales cycle
  • Action Items: Critical sales tasks and action items are automatically captured in real-time as they occur during the conversation and are included in the meeting summary.
  • Meeting Summary: A meeting summary is automatically created and sent to the rep which includes a list of meeting attendees, action items, and notes. The meeting summary can then be personalized and quickly emailed to all stakeholders.
  • Bookmarks and Notes: Key moments during the meeting can be “bookmarked” by the rep in real-time so they’re easy to refer back to later and reps can create notes for easy reference.
  • Security & Privacy: Kaia has security and privacy measures built directly into the experience. Participants are alerted to recordings prior to and at the beginning of the meeting as Kaia visibly joins as a meeting participant. Recordings and transcripts are securely stored within Outreach, which has enterprise-grade security measures already in place.
  • Along with Outreach Kaia, Outreach unveiled several other platform enhancements at its virtual summit including:
    • Sequence Intent Reporting: This feature in Outreach’s Amplify AI suite uses machine learning to classify the intent of a prospect’s email into granular categories. Instead of a simple yes/no replies, Sequence Intent Reporting classifies responses into positive, objections, referrals, and unsubscribe requests. Now managers have more context into customers’ intent, giving them the insights they need to respond rapidly and increase productivity while closing the gaps between top and bottom performers.
    • Outreach Voice Connectors: Now sales professionals can call their customers within Outreach. With new integrations with IP telephony solutions like Dialpad and RingCentral, sales reps can launch their inbound or outbound call tasks within Outreach seamlessly, and have that call data collected in Outreach.
    • Buyer Intent Scores featuring Bombora: Given the current selling environment, understanding where potential buyers are in their buying process is critically important. Outreach is the only sales engagement platform offering buyer intent scores powered by intent data providers, which allows reps to prioritize engagement based on the accounts most likely to buy. Leading intent data provider Bombora joins the Outreach Galaxy of partners with its integration and an exclusive offer for all Outreach customers.

Data has become the Lifeblood of all Enterprises today

Verpex Launches First “Co-Cloud Hosting” Service, Optimizes Site Speed, Reliability and Email Deliverability

Verpex, a high-performance web hosting solution, announced the launch of the industry’s first “co-cloud” hosting services. Clients on their hosting plans may see benefits to uptime, the site delivers speed, and even search engine rankings. Verpex uses several different cloud datacenter providers including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean which increases the number of global server locations, allowing end-users to choose the optimal location of their server. Verpex also amplifies customer performance through the use of outbound mail filtering which ensures a clean email reputation with better email deliverability, reducing the number of emails being sent to spam.

Email Marketing Trends Marketers Need to Look Out For

Since the distance of the data center can play a factor in the overall performance of a site, choosing a server located closer to the site’s visitors reduces the potential for lost data and other issues that can slow down site load speed. The geographic IP address of a website also has an impact on a website’s SEO rankings. Companies will see increased visibility and traffic to their site when using a server located near their visitors.

“The entire world is moving away from the model of physical datacenters towards cloud computing, and now web hosting has joined in,” says Kris Erdelsk, a Senior Systems Engineer at Verpex Hosting. “Through our new co-cloud hosting plans in conjunction with several of the best in class cloud providers, we can ensure that our customers and their visitors have the best overall web experience.”

Verpex was founded in 2018 and has employees based in three continents who are available 24/7 for live chat and phone support. Verpex considers their clients like family and provides ample onboarding assistance, helping them get their email up and running, answering any questions regarding WordPress and other software, and will fully migrate any websites from their previous hosting provider.

Top Content Marketing Trends for B2B Enterprises This Year

Verpex is powered by cPanel, the industry’s best web hosting control panel. Using Softaculous, WordPress can be installed with one-click, giving clients full access to upload themes, plugins, and more. Verpex servers are configured so that the end-user doesn’t encounter bugs or timeouts, and with free SSL certificates and malware-scanning, websites will stay secure and safe. Hundreds of other software applications can be installed with one-click through the cPanel including Magento, Joomla!, Drupal, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and more.

KMS Lighthouse Expands Its Knowledge Management Solution via Native Integration With Zendesk

KMS Lighthouse has officially launched its KMS Lighthouse Zendesk integration offering: Lighthouse for Zendesk Chat and Lighthouse for Zendesk Support. Integrating KMS Lighthouse with Zendesk improves agent and customer experiences, ensuring fast, accurate access for agents to search and retrieve answers to customers’ questions instantly in Lighthouse

COVID-19 – How to Manage Marketing Efforts

Key aspects of the integration include the use of natural language searches from the ticket subject line as the query for fast customer service, IT, and sales support. Users also save time with Single Sign-on (SSO) where no login is needed. Yet another time-saving element is the precision of KMS Lighthouse’s search-and-answer solution, powered by machine learning.

Digital Marketing – Marketers Need to Tweak Strategies amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

“This KMS Lighthouse app integration is native, all within Zendesk. Through the KMS Lighthouse knowledge base, agents have the ability to search and give customers the right answer the first time, so it reduces Average Handle Time and improves First Call Resolution at the same time ensuring accurate answers are provided And it’s convenient ‒ you never have to leave Zendesk or switch browser tabs,” said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS Lighthouse.

Bublar Group Develops Unique Web-based Sales Support With Interactive 3D for Alfa Laval’s Separator Segment

Bublar Group’s subsidiary Vobling is developing sales and marketing support for Alfa Laval’s Separators segment. Through the visualization technology, it is possible to view the separator’s functionality digitally, via webinars and digital customer meetings.

Brand Communication Amid Coronavirus – Proven Methodologies To Consider

Interactive and animated 3D allows products to be easily viewed and demonstrated to customers without a physical meeting. A separator is a high-tech and advanced product that is not easily presented in the picture. With Bublar’s unique web-based application, technologically advanced, large or unwieldy products that are difficult to move can be used to present products in digital meetings in as good a way as to get a physical demo. The plan is to expand with more features and products in the long term.

“The web application supports our strategy for marketing and parts of the sales process to be done digitally. To be able to get the same understanding and experience as being able to turn and touch the product, in reality, is a target we have had and we can achieve that with the solution Vobling offers,” says Anette Nord Holfve, Market Communication Manager at Business Unit High-Speed Separators, Alfa Laval.

Marketing Data Matters Much More than the Campaign Performance

“We are pleased with the trust from Alfa Laval. The web application is the next step in the development of the AR app for mobile devices that we already offer. In these times with Covid-19 limiting physical meetings, it is satisfying to be able to contribute with tools that really raise the quality of digital sales meetings,” says Magnus Rudling, Sales & Business Development Director at Vobling & Bublar Enterprise.

AT&T Cloud Contact Center Platform Helps Businesses Rapidly Deliver an Enhanced Customer Experience

AT&T* unveiled its new AT&T Cloud Contact Center platform empowering businesses to rapidly and cost-effectively transform their customer experience through a superior omnichannel experience.

B2B Marketing Plans Ahead for 2020 and Beyond

AT&T Cloud Contact Center’s open platform, based on the Five9 service, combines robust contact center functionality with AT&T’s award-winning global network and comprehensive suite of voice and collaboration tools to deliver highly reliable, agile, scalable, and highly secure capabilities.

According to Gartner, “to survive this (COVID-19) crisis and emerge stronger than ever, organizations must look for innovative opportunities to make long-term improvements. For example, during the last global recession, some organizations opted to invest aggressively in their capabilities, enabling them to emerge from the recession stronger as a result. After the crisis, continuing a solid digital-first customer service strategy will deliver long-term benefits, such as business continuity, improved cost and margin realization, and improved customer experience…  By 2023, more than 60% of all customer service engagements will be delivered via digital and web self-serve channels, up from 23% in 2019.”

“Uncertainty has blanketed nearly every inch of the business world in a matter of months.  Many businesses find themselves needing to quickly adapt in order to continue delivering optimized customer experiences in light of community lockdowns,” says Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, AT&T Business. “AT&T Cloud Contact Center provides a swift way to migrate these capabilities to the cloud, regardless of legacy platforms. This means gaining the abilities to deploy and manage remote agents, easily adjust to higher call volumes, and respond seamlessly through various channels, in a matter of days.”

Artificial Intelligence capabilities built into AT&T Cloud Contact Center can help make each agent more effective. Advanced analytics can maximize the ability of agents to use empathy and emotion to create more positive customer engagement. Coupled with automated processes, it can also help train agents faster and enable real-time coaching and assist in determining optimal next steps for the customer.

Other features include:

  • Play well with others: Enhanced integration including out-of-the-box integrations with leading CRM systems, collaboration platforms, Workforce Optimization, and powerful SDKs with no-code workflow automation to help you get more value out of the tools businesses already use.
  • Turn it up…or down: Scalability enables businesses to fast-track the deployment of remote agents to address critical situations and shifts in demand.
  • Get up and running quickly: Even businesses with on-premises contact center platforms and legacy systems can migrate their operation to the cloud in days/weeks, not months. In addition, the platform’s future-ready environment can roll out new services just as quickly.
  • Little to no code necessary: The flexible platform allows users to create and integrate custom workflows to remove the complexity out of using disparate systems.

“I was just grateful that when the messages were coming in during the test phase, the AT&T Cloud Contact Center set up only took two hours, it was simple and speedy,” said Ellen Willmott, President, and COO of the Work Connect Project, a non-profit dedicated to helping workers displaced by COVID-19. “I was impressed with how easy it was going to be to deal with our launch and the ease our staff would have in responding to inquiries.”

Strategizing on Need Analysis – ABM in B2B Marketing

AT&T also recognizes the extraordinary time we’re in, and that some capabilities are currently critical to businesses. That’s why AT&T is giving new AT&T Cloud Contact Center customers 90-day licenses at no charge for up to 500 seats1. As work-from-home orders continue around the globe, we can help ensure that businesses can stay connected with their customers.

Mobiquity Technologies Launches AI Driven Publisher Protection Capability

Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. a leading provider in next-generation advertising technology, announced the release of a new capability that improves publisher protection and brand safety using artificial intelligence protocols.

Brand Communication Amid Coronavirus – Proven Methodologies To Consider

The capability works by automatically scanning all ads customers upload into the Advangelists platform.  Machine learning algorithms identify and confirm category and content including violence, adult content, alcohol and cannabis images, headlines, and text.  Ads that do not achieve publisher guidelines for acceptable ad content are removed and flagged for human intervention and policy review. The purpose of the new ad scanning feature is to attach additional metadata to the ads, improving both customer performance and brand safety measures across the Mobiquity network of publishers.

“COVID-19 has heavily amplified the shift toward digital marketing ecosystems resulting in an increase of smaller advertisers using our platform in a self-service model to purchase advertising,” said Dean Julia, CEO Mobiquity Technologies.  “The AI system scales faster, using machines to help us monitor the increasing traffic and usage of Advangelists and better protect our publisher partners as we continue to grow and evolve our business.”

Mobiquity tested the platform using hundreds of image ads from various brands and categories, correctly identifying the logo, headline, text, image, and nature of the content over 99% of the time.  Using AI the machines have improved accuracy over time. Additional capabilities are being added so that the next release, due later this spring, will include the ability to evaluate video commercials for the same levels of category and content security.

Marketing Data Matters Much More than the Campaign Performance

“While many large consumer brands and chain store advertisers are struggling, we are observing an increase in eCommerce, digital, and local/regional home delivery-focused marketers,” continued Mr. Julia.  “The trend toward lower-cost in-house marketing services appears to be amplifying among these businesses, making it imperative that we continue building more scalable, sustainable, and automated marketing feature sets, as we integrate with an even greater number of digital publishing partners.”

Qualtrics Launches Solutions to Help Organizations Know When to Transition Employees Back to the Workplace and How to Ensure Customer Confidence as Businesses Reopen

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and the creator of the experience management category, announced four new solutions to help organizations determine the right way to transition employees back to the workplace and ensure customer confidence as they reopen businesses. The solutions will be offered free for a period of time.

B2B Leaders’ Biggest Nightmare- Dissatisfied Customer

According to a recent Qualtrics study, two out of three Americans do not feel confident returning to the workplace, and nearly half think we will never “get back to normal.” Until now, businesses, governments, and educational institutions have primarily been using operational data–hospitalization rates, availability of testing, etc.–when looking at reopening decisions. These new solutions will enable organizations to take the actions needed to ensure that people feel safe returning to work and that customers feel confident engaging with businesses in person.

The Return to Work Pulse is an automated solution for leaders to continuously listen, understand, and act on employees’ health and safety needs so they can return to their offices with confidence. Qualtrics is also launching Back to Business solutions designed to help organizations stay connected with customers, understand their expectations and preferences, and take actions to build customer confidence as businesses reopen their doors.

“As we continue the fight against COVID-19, every government and business leader I talk to is trying to understand two things: how to keep their people safe and healthy and what information they can turn to as they look to reopen their workplaces and businesses,” said Ryan Smith, co-founder, and CEO, Qualtrics. “The trouble is everyone has been relying on the same operational data–infection rate, hospitalization rate, testing per capita–to make their decisions, but they have no experience data to tell them how people feel. If companies open their offices again, will anyone return to work? If businesses open their doors again, will customers be comfortable showing up again? These new solutions help organizations know what people need in order to feel confident returning to work, shopping, eating out, etc. It’s not enough to reopen. We have to do it in the right way, and that means understanding how people feel and what we can do to instill confidence that we can reopen and maintain health and safety.”

The Return to Work Pulse helps organizations assess how and when employees feel ready to return to the workplace by:

  • Understanding each employee’s needs to make a safe and positive transition back to work – whether teams have been working from home, staying off-site due to temporary business closures or staying home due to health concerns
  • Evaluating what new policies organizations should adopt, such as health and safety protocols, as offices and other work sites reopen
  • Determining communication needs about any new changes to company direction or job functions and roles

Back to Business solutions help organizations ensure customer confidence as businesses reopen. These solutions include:

  • Frontline Connect – empowers frontline employees to share customer insights about what is working and what needs to be adjusted as businesses reopen. This allows organizations to collect feedback at scale, identify specific at-risk customers, and iterate in real-time to ensure customers feel safe and continue to have a positive customer experience.
  • Customer Confidence Pulse – helps organizations understand the needs and preferences of their customers, including how customers feel about the company’s response to the pandemic, what changes the organization needs to make, how helpful the company’s interactions with customers have been, and how effectively the organization is in responding. As businesses begin reopening their doors, this solution helps organizations know they are taking the right actions to instill customer confidence.
  • Digital Open Door – allows customers to share feedback across web and mobile touchpoints. This digital open door enables open, two-way communication between customers and employees, helping organizations better serve their customers online while also preparing to reopen physical locations.

Over the past month, Qualtrics has developed 10 COVID-19 solutions supporting more than 31,000 projects across more than 8,500 organizations. Several solutions designed for public health institutions and government agencies have been deployed in more than 100 cities and counties in the U.S., as well as statewide in ColoradoIowaMissouriNebraskaNew Jersey, and Utah. The Qualtrics COVID-19 solutions are being used across all 50 states, in 90 countries worldwide, and on 6 continents.

Digital Marketing – Focus and Budget will be Altered Post COVID-19

Additional Return to Work premium solutions will be launched to help organizations establish new workplace protocols, make technology and facilities decisions, improve leadership agility, and design effective employee re-boarding experiences.

Artificial Intelligence Firm ASAPP Completes $185 Million in Series B Investment to Radically Improve the Productivity of Customer Experience Employees

ASAPP, Inc., the artificial intelligence research-driven company advancing the future of productivity and efficiency in customer experience, announced that it recently completed $185 million in Series B funding bringing the company’s total funding to $260 million. Participation in the Series B round includes legendary Silicon Valley veterans John DoerrJohn ChambersDave Strohm, and Joe Tucci, along with respected institutions Emergence Capital, March Capital Partners, Euclidean Capital, Telstra Ventures, HOF Capital and Vast Ventures.

Marketing Strategy amid COVID-19 – Marketers Need to Rethink, Not Fear

“ASAPP builds AI-Native products to solve problems of massive scale and systemic inefficiency. We are thrilled and grateful for this latest investment, which allows ASAPP to continue scaling and meeting the extraordinary demands large enterprises are facing as a result of the global pandemic. Many organizations are experiencing historically high levels of customer interactions at a time when their capacity to support is at an all-time low. By augmenting agents who are on the frontlines, ASAPP enables them to be vastly more efficient and productive, realizing significant savings while delighting customers.” said Founder and CEO Gustavo Sapoznik. “Our current focus is in solving customer experience challenges faced by large enterprises, which for decades has been addressed by attempting to deflect customer calls, and has resulted in poor experiences, frustration, and massive amounts of money being spent on this problem. Our approach to cost savings is radically different and focuses on building state-of-the-art capabilities to make agents better and empower them by augmenting and automating their workflows,” said Sapoznik.

“ASAPP has created an all-in, AI-Native platform which delivers significant savings and superior customer experience,” said investor and ASAPP board member John Doerr. “Gustavo’s world-class team is creating audacious partnerships with large, forward-thinking enterprises. We’re excited to be part of the team by backing ASAPP’s vision.”

Customer care and sales agents use the ASAPP platform to know the right thing to say and the right action to take, in real-time, as the customer conversation transpires on phone calls and digital messages. ASAPP’s machine learning models are continuously learning and predicting from every customer interaction, effectively turning every agent into your best agent without the need for manual programming or extensive training. Many of the world’s largest companies in telecom, financial services, and travel have realized dramatic improvements to both efficiency and effectiveness in how their agents serve customers today.

Influencer Marketing–Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

The company has seen a massive increase in interest in its platform in recent weeks. The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic recession are creating significant disruption at contact centers across all industries. Historically, the execution of efficiency measures – more call deflections, hiding contact information from customers, frustrating chatbots that cannot handle complex transactions – has come at the expense of customer satisfaction. Customer Experience Officers are looking for fast improvements to their operations, to drive significant automation without sacrificing customer experience. ASAPP is uniquely designed to deliver this promise, not by traditional means, but by radically improving agent labor efficiency and effectiveness with artificial intelligence. ASAPP customers have achieved a 2.5x agent throughput increase while realizing a 45%-100% improvement in customer satisfaction scores as a result of using the platform.

With ASAPP, for the first time what is right for the company in the form of lowering costs and improving efficiency, is now also right for the customer: fast, accurate issue resolution and superior experience.