Former L’Oréal Data Executive Joins Captify to Accelerate Global Search Data Strategy and Acquisition

Search Intelligence Leader Adds Aruna Paramasivam as Its Global Vice President of Data & Publisher Partnerships to Enable Publishers to Take Back Control of Data & Monetization Strategies and Audience Relationships

Captify, the global leader in Search Intelligence, announced the appointment of Aruna Paramasivam as Global Vice President of Data & Publisher Partnerships. Paramasivam brings over two decades of data and partner management experience to this role. She will own Captify’s global data acquisition and monetization strategy. This strategy will also give publishers access to deep insights from on-site search, which highlight exactly what their audiences are looking for in real-time. This critical foresight will empower publishers to pre-empt trends before they even happen informing content creation, audience engagement strategies or new monetization streams on their own platforms.

In addition, Captify’s Publisher facing technology solutions such as voice, audio, and visual search tools will allow consumers to engage with publisher content however they dictate.

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With the company averaging 100% year-over-year growth, and over 200% growth in US territory expansion, Paramasivam’s appointment highlights the momentum the company is experiencing as it continues to challenge Google and amass the highest quality of search data in the industry.

Prior to joining Captify, Paramasivam was Head of Data Acquisition & Partnerships at L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company. In this role, Paramasivan was responsible for efficient and ongoing data acquisition and partnerships strategy for ROI-driven consumer marketing across mass and luxury brands. Over the course of her career, she has also held positions as the Head of Audience Partnerships at MediaMath and has led up Audience Platform Implementation efforts at Yahoo! and Interclick prior to that.

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“The role of data has changed. We’ve witnessed publishers, marketers and brands seeking data and insights that truly drive business outcomes, not just a story. Search and specifically, onsite search has the power to do that, ultimately creating a more relevant and valuable sitewide experience for the end consumer,” said Aruna Paramasivam, Global VP of Data & Publisher Partnerships at Captify. “As the largest global independent holder of consumer search data, Captify is in an incredibly unique position to leverage search to inform strategies that will attract eyeballs and engage audiences in today’s competitive climate. Over the coming months, I plan to build upon Captify’s already existing roster of premium publishers, and discover new ways to bring their data capabilities to the next level.”

“Over the past seven years, we have built robust relationships with top publishers across the world, gaining insight into their challenges and business objectives. Aruna has been at the forefront of the data industry, helping brands and publishers extract the true value from their data and will continue to do that for publishers with the most powerful dataset in advertising, onsite search. Captify’s solutions coupled with Aruna’s vision will set publishers up for a future they can control,” said Dominic Joseph, CEO & Co-founder at Captify. “This strategic hire will continue to propel Captify on its current growth trajectory, empowering brands and publishers globally to develop and execute strategies through Search Intelligence.”

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