Copytesting Launches the First Data-Driven Copywriting Research Tool

Copytesting announces the launch of its new audience research tool to turn copywriting — the last stronghold of gut feeling and opinions in marketing — into a data-driven discipline.

Each year, companies spend millions on copywriting but have little insight into their performance. When companies try to improve their website copy, they don’t know which words and phrases resonate with the reader, which turn them off, and why.

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That’s costly guesswork. “Copywriting is critical to how well websites perform in terms of sales,” says Peep Laja, Co-founder and CEO. “The problem is that existing analytics tools can’t offer any insight — there’s nothing like Copytesting out there.”

Copy testing gives businesses data on where their sales copy misses the mark, so they can fix it and increase sales. The tool recruits a panel of people who represent a business’s target audience. Panelists read the website copy, assess the clarity and relevance of the content, and answer specific research questions.

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In a matter of hours, businesses get quantitative and qualitative data about their site copy — the essential, unclear, or uninteresting words and phrases. Sections that score especially high or low are marked as such; sections that don’t reach a threshold of statistical validity are marked average.