Qualtrics Launches Solutions to Help Organizations Know When to Transition Employees Back to the Workplace and How to Ensure Customer Confidence as Businesses Reopen

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and the creator of the experience management category, announced four new solutions to help organizations determine the right way to transition employees back to the workplace and ensure customer confidence as they reopen businesses. The solutions will be offered free for a period of time.

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According to a recent Qualtrics study, two out of three Americans do not feel confident returning to the workplace, and nearly half think we will never “get back to normal.” Until now, businesses, governments, and educational institutions have primarily been using operational data–hospitalization rates, availability of testing, etc.–when looking at reopening decisions. These new solutions will enable organizations to take the actions needed to ensure that people feel safe returning to work and that customers feel confident engaging with businesses in person.

The Return to Work Pulse is an automated solution for leaders to continuously listen, understand, and act on employees’ health and safety needs so they can return to their offices with confidence. Qualtrics is also launching Back to Business solutions designed to help organizations stay connected with customers, understand their expectations and preferences, and take actions to build customer confidence as businesses reopen their doors.

“As we continue the fight against COVID-19, every government and business leader I talk to is trying to understand two things: how to keep their people safe and healthy and what information they can turn to as they look to reopen their workplaces and businesses,” said Ryan Smith, co-founder, and CEO, Qualtrics. “The trouble is everyone has been relying on the same operational data–infection rate, hospitalization rate, testing per capita–to make their decisions, but they have no experience data to tell them how people feel. If companies open their offices again, will anyone return to work? If businesses open their doors again, will customers be comfortable showing up again? These new solutions help organizations know what people need in order to feel confident returning to work, shopping, eating out, etc. It’s not enough to reopen. We have to do it in the right way, and that means understanding how people feel and what we can do to instill confidence that we can reopen and maintain health and safety.”

The Return to Work Pulse helps organizations assess how and when employees feel ready to return to the workplace by:

  • Understanding each employee’s needs to make a safe and positive transition back to work – whether teams have been working from home, staying off-site due to temporary business closures or staying home due to health concerns
  • Evaluating what new policies organizations should adopt, such as health and safety protocols, as offices and other work sites reopen
  • Determining communication needs about any new changes to company direction or job functions and roles

Back to Business solutions help organizations ensure customer confidence as businesses reopen. These solutions include:

  • Frontline Connect – empowers frontline employees to share customer insights about what is working and what needs to be adjusted as businesses reopen. This allows organizations to collect feedback at scale, identify specific at-risk customers, and iterate in real-time to ensure customers feel safe and continue to have a positive customer experience.
  • Customer Confidence Pulse – helps organizations understand the needs and preferences of their customers, including how customers feel about the company’s response to the pandemic, what changes the organization needs to make, how helpful the company’s interactions with customers have been, and how effectively the organization is in responding. As businesses begin reopening their doors, this solution helps organizations know they are taking the right actions to instill customer confidence.
  • Digital Open Door – allows customers to share feedback across web and mobile touchpoints. This digital open door enables open, two-way communication between customers and employees, helping organizations better serve their customers online while also preparing to reopen physical locations.

Over the past month, Qualtrics has developed 10 COVID-19 solutions supporting more than 31,000 projects across more than 8,500 organizations. Several solutions designed for public health institutions and government agencies have been deployed in more than 100 cities and counties in the U.S., as well as statewide in ColoradoIowaMissouriNebraskaNew Jersey, and Utah. The Qualtrics COVID-19 solutions are being used across all 50 states, in 90 countries worldwide, and on 6 continents.

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Additional Return to Work premium solutions will be launched to help organizations establish new workplace protocols, make technology and facilities decisions, improve leadership agility, and design effective employee re-boarding experiences.