Yotpo Fast-Tracks Product Innovation for eCommerce, Showcasing SMS Marketing to Help Brands Drive Revenue and Success

Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, has announced that, in light of a recent consumer survey conducted in April 2020, consumer use of mobile commerce has accelerated to position SMS as the best channel for brands to drive engagement and sales. To support this shift, Yotpo is making it easier than ever for brands to get started with SMS marketing by waiving the base package fees for small businesses on its industry-leading SMS marketing solution, SMSBump by Yotpo, for a full year, as well as heavily discounting the fees on advanced packages for existing customers and for all new Yotpo customers looking to add SMS to their marketing strategy.

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SMS marketing helps brands see more than 25x ROI and drives 6-8x higher engagement rates than email. The channel is uniquely positioned to drive consumer engagement as brands can build targeted mobile experiences and send hyper-personalized messages campaigns directly on the channel consumers engage with the most: 98% of all SMS messages are openedand 90% of all messages are read within the first three minutes of being sent.

A recent online survey conducted by Yotpo indicates that consumer behaviors have shifted significantly, accelerating mobile-first eCommerce for a far wider range of consumers than ever before. This presents a new opportunity for brands and consumers to establish and grow their relationships through a relatively untapped channel. During the month of April:

  • The time consumers spend on their mobile phones has increased by 30%.
  • Text messaging, across the board, has increased by 50%.
  • Forty-nine percent of consumers say they prefer to be engaged by brands through SMS during these times, making it a top channel for consumers looking to stay connected.
  • Over 35% of consumers are now paying more attention to marketing messages from brands.
  • More than 57% of consumers are shopping online more than usual, with more than 65% of them saying they prefer to shop from their phones rather than a computer or other mobile device.

“The mobile phone has become the preferred consumer device for shopping, representing the most massive shift in how people shop since Amazon launched 25 years ago,” said Tomer Tagrin, CEO and co-founder of Yotpo. “It’s the dawn of new world order—one in which consumers will demand higher standards for mobile-driven eCommerce experiences. To help brands quickly implement their strategies to create eCommerce experiences their customers crave, we’ve rolled out accessible pricing and accelerated new product releases that will position brands way ahead of the curve.”

Brands that implement multiple solutions within Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform, including Ratings & Reviews and Loyalty & Referrals, generate significantly more engagement and sales. In fact, brands that leverage three or more solutions in Yotpo’s platform see 50% faster order growth than brands that leverage one Yotpo solution. The addition of SMSBump by Yotpo to a brand’s eCommerce marketing technology stack is an effective and timely way to accelerate order growth while bolstering customer relationships today and for the long-term.

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“Nurturing relationships with our customers is part of our mission at Love Wellness,” said Lauren Bosworth, Founder & CEO of Love Wellness. “Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform pulls together key technology levers we use to collect the inspiring customer stories that foster community, enable rewarding experiences, and effectively engage our customers across many of our brand touchpoints. We’re impressed by the initial engagement and ROI we’re seeing with SMSBump by Yotpo, demonstrating the need to meet our customers where they are.”

Love Wellness is using SMSBump by Yotpo to create impactful experiences on mobile by targeting their customers with personalized messages at the right time. With SMSBump by Yotpo, Love Wellness can communicate directly with shoppers via SMS to encourage them to leave reviews, reward them with discounts, and inform them about special promotions and sales, ultimately driving customer engagement to maximize their customer lifetime value.