KMS Lighthouse Expands Its Knowledge Management Solution via Native Integration With Zendesk

KMS Lighthouse has officially launched its KMS Lighthouse Zendesk integration offering: Lighthouse for Zendesk Chat and Lighthouse for Zendesk Support. Integrating KMS Lighthouse with Zendesk improves agent and customer experiences, ensuring fast, accurate access for agents to search and retrieve answers to customers’ questions instantly in Lighthouse

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Key aspects of the integration include the use of natural language searches from the ticket subject line as the query for fast customer service, IT, and sales support. Users also save time with Single Sign-on (SSO) where no login is needed. Yet another time-saving element is the precision of KMS Lighthouse’s search-and-answer solution, powered by machine learning.

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“This KMS Lighthouse app integration is native, all within Zendesk. Through the KMS Lighthouse knowledge base, agents have the ability to search and give customers the right answer the first time, so it reduces Average Handle Time and improves First Call Resolution at the same time ensuring accurate answers are provided And it’s convenient ‒ you never have to leave Zendesk or switch browser tabs,” said Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of KMS Lighthouse.