The Email Inbox Collective Revolutionizes the Delivery of Marketing Emails

For email marketers, crafting the perfect cold pitch is the easy part. Getting those messages through to customers has been a much bigger challenge. Until now. The Email Inbox Collective proudly announces the next generation of delivery assurance: a crowdsourced solution that gets marketing emails exactly where they need to go.

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Email providers use a variety of criteria to categorize each email received by a customer and identify it as spam, promotional material, social media, or general-interest messaging appropriate for the user’s primary inbox. Because most of those criteria measure the actions taken by email recipients, creative phrasing and best practices can only go so far toward landing a marketing message in users’ primary inboxes, where it has the most impact and the best ROI.

The key, observes The Email Inbox Collective Chief Data Scientist David Williams, is not to trick email providers into handling select messages in a certain way. It’s to teach the mail-categorizing algorithms used by leading email providers into treating marketing messages in a specific way.

“The machine learning behind email categorization has become terrifically sophisticated over the last ten years,” he notes. “We founded The Email Inbox Collective to test a hypothesis: that we could train email providers’ AI to treat certain messages in a certain way. When our beta testers more than doubled their open rates while resolving deliverability issues, we knew that we were ready to open the Collective to the world.”

“Email providers are constantly searching for ways to deliver the right messages to their clients and to cut out the chaff. We want the same things, and we designed our service to accelerate the process.”

The Email Inbox Collective works by demonstrating the value of specific messages sent from specific addresses. It does so by sending copies of each message to the Collective’s network of real-life email account holders. That’s when the magic happens.

Each time a client’s email is flagged as spam or promotional material, the recipient moves it to their primary inbox. From there, it is treated to a carefully planned combination of positive actions. It may be opened, read in its entirety, and/or marked as safe. Any links appearing in the message may be clicked, and it may be replied to and forwarded to one of the email addresses the Collective maintains for just this purpose.

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With each of these positive actions, the AI routines responsible for assessing incoming messages are told that this particular email from this particular address is regarded by most users as safe, valuable, and substantial. In as little as a few days, clients begin to augment these network-only mailings with deliveries to their actual distribution lists, after which The Email Inbox Collective’s work is done and the client’s normal distribution schedule can continue.