OMNICOMMANDER Expands Translation Services and Launches French Version of Community Credit Union Website

OMNICOMMANDER, a financial technology firm specializing in website design, branding, and marketing for credit unions, launches the newest offering of their custom website service as their French translation site goes live.

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OMNICOMMANDER designs and produces fully custom websites and marketing solutions specifically for credit unions. As such, each website is tailored to meet the unique needs and desires of their clients based on the community in which a credit union is located. OMNICOMMANDER previously executed this vision for Community Credit Union’s new website and continued the project by building a mirror-image of the site in French to better meet the needs of its members. The website can be switched between viewing in English and in French with a simple click of a toggle button, which is a superior member experience over services such as online translation software.

Community Credit Union’s location in Maine has seen a growth in its community of African immigrants, which has led to the need to provide their services in French. Embracing their neighbors in their native language enables them to easily read and process necessary documents to join the credit union or take advantage of services offered.

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OMNICOMMANDER kicked off 2020 by celebrating its third year in business and has separated itself from the industry by continuing to expand what can be done for a credit union’s digital presence. Since inception, the company has focused on a more inclusive experience by leading the way following ADA compliance and accessibility guidelines. OMNICOMMANDER’s next step in making a more accessible internet was offering Spanish translated sites, and this newest site may be the first American credit union site in French.