AppVault announces video integration with their virtual event platform

AppVault’s Anywhere Career Fair virtual platform enables organizations to easily expand their presence beyond in-person career events. Hosting virtually allows for extended hours of operation while reducing resources, cost, and travel thereby increasing the volume and quality of talent available to connect with.

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AppVault’s virtual booths are branded for the participating organization and function as a promotion of any department, region, profession, career opportunity, or aspect of the company’s culture. Participants can then choose to chat with recruiters or other members of the organization in real-time through AppVault’s chat feature.

In addition, to live chat, AppVault is proud to announce integrated video communication, bringing an even more personal element to the virtual environment. “As a result of COVID-19, our clients, particularly in healthcare, needed to quickly pivot from onsite events to virtual, ideally with video capability to allow for video interviewing. We’re proud we were able to respond quickly and elevate the virtual recruiting experience” says Tom Daly, Founder, and CEO.

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AppVault, a pioneer of virtual career events for individual and large media companies, is now the first to seamlessly integrate video conferencing into their online solution. Companies can also opt to use their own video system by sharing an invitation link with event participants during a live chat.