iClick’s Integrated Enterprise and Marketing Cloud Platform Drives Robust Growth of QiaQia Food’s WeChat Mini-Program

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, independent online marketing, and enterprise data solutions provider in China, announced that the WeChat mini-program of QiaQia Food Co., Ltd, a client of iClick’s subsidiary Changyi, has achieved impressive growth through leveraging iClick’s integrated enterprise and marketing cloud platform with monthly GMV growth of 180% on average since the mini-programs launch.

Since its launch in April 2019, Qiaqia Food’s WeChat mini-program has grown rapidly with the support of iClick’s integrated solutions, achieving cumulative GMV of over RMB 64 million for the twelve months ended May 7, 2020. The total number of mini-program visitors was over 12 million for the twelve months ended May 7, 2020, with the number of monthly paying users rising by an average of 30% every month.

iClick’s integrated enterprise and marketing cloud platform are composed of marketing solutions, consumer data platform (CDP) and enterprise solutions, through all of which iClick propelled the QiaQia Food WeChat mini-programs impressive growth:

  • Marketing Solutions: The omnichannel user acquisition model implemented by iClick for QiaQia Food uses various methods to bring traffic from multiple sources to the QiaQia Food’s mini-program, including search traffic, WeChat Video Official Account and targeted advertising on users’ WeChat Moments feed. iClick also helped QiaQia Food convert offline customers into online traffic by introducing an initiative that offers prizes to customers who scan a code on product packaging directing them to the mini-program.
  • Consumer Data Platform (CDP): All discounts offered to users on the QiaQia Food mini-program are developed and targeted based on iClick’s recommendation algorithm and CDP data which has significantly increased the effectiveness of QiaQia Food’s promotions. iClick’s CDP establishes a 360-degree profile of consumers through multiple touchpoints, increasing the rate at which they make repeat purchases by identifying the most appropriate method to engage users based on their behavior.
  • Enterprise Solutions: With the application of iClick’s enterprise solutions, QiaQia’s customer service representatives can now provide tailored customer service via the convenience of the WeChat platform, which can then enhance user loyalty and stickiness. iClick also conducts in-depth user profiling to give personalized product recommendations and discounts, with advanced algorithms ensuring that product recommendation is 50% more effective than standard methods.