Realtime Media Releases Latest Version of PromoPick™, the Market-Leading Solution for Digital Promotions

Realtime Media, a global leader in driving customer acquisition and engagement through creative applications of technology, has released the latest version of PromoPick™, it’s innovative, quick-to-market, full-service solution that brings engaging consumer promotions to life. As brands look to engage customers in new ways during these challenging times, this cost-effective solution utilizes advanced technology and offers the most creative layouts, add-ons, services, and products on the market.

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“PromoPick™ has long been the leading full-service solution for quick-to-market digital promotions at a great price value,” said Robert Bernstock, president/CEO, Realtime Media. “Our clients span a variety of industries – from retail to consumer packaged and durable goods to electronics and more. Especially during these uncertain times, they appreciate the low cost, ease, and speed with which strategic campaigns can be developed and go live.”

Realtime Media’s PromoPick™, initially introduced in 2015, is constantly evolving to meet changing customer needs and sets itself apart from competitor products in five key areas:

  • Full-Service: PromoPick™ isn’t just a digital product – it’s an all-in-one solution that includes strategic services, development services, prize fulfillment, player support, a dedicated project manager, and official rules.
  • Speed and Affordability: Campaigns can be launched in as few as five to seven days and Realtime Media offers the best price value in the market.
  • Secure and Tested: The platform includes industry-standard compliance for ISO2701, GDPR, and CCPA. PromoPick™ also provides industry-leading fraud mitigation and bot protection.
  • Legal Compliance: Realtime Media has specialized legal expertise in promotions law. All campaigns come with legal administration.
  • Flexibility: Products include Instant Wins, sweepstakes, contests, user-generated content, social media campaigns, and more. Realtime Media also offers dozens of add-ons such as winner drawings, pick your prize, receipt, or unique code validation and age or zip code gates.

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