Nuxeo Named a Leader in 2020 Aragon Research Globe for Enterprise Content Platforms

Nuxeo, one of the leading cloud-native Content Services Platform, announced it has been positioned as a “Leader” in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Platforms, 2020. This is the second year in a row the company landed a spot in the leaders’ category. The report, which evaluated 12 major providers in the space, also positions Nuxeo furthest to the right on the strategy axis, which we believe is due in large part to the company’s continuing focus on artificial intelligence.

AI and Predictive Modeling Enhance Performance, Confirms 98% of Marketers

“Artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact on content services. Nuxeo developed its own AI service, Nuxeo Insight, which allows customers to easily train machine-learning models with their own content and data. The service can provide significant advantages in the market by generating specific results for things like claims processing, product identification, and customer service,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research.

The report also acknowledges that Nuxeo is “pushing the envelope in content analytics1” and cites a number of key strengths, including overall scalability and support for rich media (video and image content).

“We’re always grateful when our best-in-class innovation is acknowledged by leading industry analysts like the team at Aragon,” said Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo. “We have developed advanced AI capabilities that are bringing incredible value to our customers, and helping to solve some long-standing challenges in the content management space. We offer one of the most modern Content Services Platforms in the market today, and will continue to innovate to ensure it stays that way.”

In 2019, Nuxeo launched two new cloud services: its AI service entitled Nuxeo Insight and Nuxeo Transformation services – a fully elastic cloud service for rendering and transforming content and digital assets at extreme scale. The company also added connectors for Sitecore and Aspera, as well as Glacier support for deep archiving in the cloud. And, in early 2020, the company enhanced its Insight service with a compelling new UI that offers a point-and-click experience for training, deploying and administering machine-learning models.

Welltok Adds Connect Partners to Support Remote Condition Management

Welltok, the consumer activation solutions company, announced the expansion of its Connect Partner Ecosystem to include more remote condition management programs. Six out of ten adults live with a chronic condition and it is essential that they follow care regimes to avoid traumatic, high-cost events such as emergency room visits. And with the current pandemic, people are seeing their doctors less often so the ability to manage at home is crucial.

Coronavirus Misinformation Take On – Facebook Ensures Free Ads to WHO

The digital health programs Welltok has integrated into its Connect Partner Ecosystem include:

  • Virta Health – combines continuous remote medical care with individualized nutrition therapy to safely and sustainably reverse type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery.
  • Vivante Health – provides an all-in-one digital gut health program. GIThrive empowers people by using interactive technology, clinical science, targeted nutrition, and 24/7 human support to improve digestive health while lowering the cost of care.
  • Workit Health – offers a telemedicine addiction treatment program for drinking, drug use, eating disorders, and process addictions.
  • Nutrimedy – provides longitudinal support and guidance for over 50 conditions through built-in video appointments with registered dietitians, secure messaging, file sharing, educational content, customizable trackers, and AI-enabled photo food logging.

“With people living in a more virtual world, we are seeing a shift in how people are managing conditions,” said Bob Fabbio, Welltok’s CEO. “Our partners are delivering much-needed support to help people manage a healthy lifestyle, diabetes, addiction, and other conditions at home. We are proud to be making their innovative solutions conveniently available through our platform and connecting them to the people who need them most.”

Facebook Messenger Helping Retail Marketers Catch up for the Lost Sales

Nintendo Excels in Talkworthy Marketing: The Only Brand to Rank in Top 10 Both Online and Offline Ranker from Engagement Labs

Nintendo stands out among 600+ brands as the only one to place in the top 10 both offline and online. Nintendo moved from third to second place for the most talk worthy marketing campaigns online, while Nintendo Switch ranked number 9 for offline brand sharing. Driving the brand’s charge to the top of 2019 was its kickoff marketing of Animal Crossing, successful sales of video games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Sword, to eSports tournaments and events.

Facebook – The Most Preferred Social Media as COVID-19 News Platform

PlayStation, the video game console, and AARP, the advocacy organization for the 50+ population, grabbed the top spots of the brands most successful in driving consumer conversations with advertising and marketing. PlayStation bested in social sway for online (via social media) and AARP for the role of paid and owned media in driving offline buzz (primarily via face-to-face conversations). The brands surpassed more than 600 brands to take the first positions of Engagement Labs’ TotalSocial® system in this year’s TotalSocial Brand Awards series in the Most Talkworthy Marketing category.

Advertising and marketing is a great conversation starter. It reminds people why they like the brand, or what is new and worth checking, thus providing a trigger for conversations and recommendations. Media/marketing plays a significant role in driving conversation, which in turn plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, driving an estimated 19 percent of purchases, according to Engagement Labs’ analytics published in the MIT Sloan Management Review. About half that impact comes from offline conversation and the other half from social media, making it important for brands to master both.

PlayStation launched ‘It’s Time to Play’ campaign in 2019 which led it to the top spot in the online ranking for two years in a row and coincides as the most popular video game console. On its heels are its competitors, Nintendo and Xbox in third place.

“PlayStation and the video game industry understand how passionate their fans and gamers can be. They incorporate incredible stories through their games and translates well into their advertising and marketing. Our ‘Online Brand Sharing’ metric is a test of the shareability of content online,” said Ed Keller, CEO of Engagement Labs. “Compelling and buzzworthy ads and marketing make a big difference and a much-needed competitive edge for brands in an increasingly tight market,” added Keller.

AARP jumped to the number one spot of the offline brand sharing this year with the “Saving for Retirement” campaign with Ad Council, and various ad campaigns including the organization’s prescription drug-related advocacy. Runner up for a second-place for offline brand sharing is AVON, the beauty brand and one of the world’s largest funders of causes that are critical to women’s rights. AVON with an army of more than 200,000 sales representatives in the US is also its brand ambassadors and marketers.

Consumers Want the Brands to be Sensitive and React to the COVID-19

“Given the close relationship between consumer conversations and sales, brands that have a strong incentive to create “talkable” and “shareable” campaigns is important to make sure your passionate advocates are armed with the latest content to share with others,” notes Steven Brown, President of Engagement Labs. “AARP, AVON, and GEICO are examples of brands that are extremely effective at generating conversations with their advertising, and this is a key factor in their success in the marketplace.”

GRIN Partners With MVMT Watches To Launch An Introduction To Influencer Marketing Playbook

GRIN, the leading and most rapidly growing Influencer Marketing Platform, has teamed up with one of the top direct to consumer accessory retailers, MVMT Watches to create a step-by-step playbook for brands looking to create, execute and expand an influencer marketing program.

COVID-19 Impact on Influencer Marketing – How Brands Are Tackling?

With the changing landscape of eCommerce, the demand for influencers has increased. GRIN customers have seen a 91% increase in content engagement and a 63% increase in conversions from their influencer programs since March 2020. As the leader in the influencer marketing space, GRIN is taking the lead in guiding brands on how to get started and grow their influencer programs.

GRIN worked with Ethan Frame, Senior Influencer Marketing Manager of MVMT Watches, to create an all-encompassing, step-by-step guide that breaks down how to develop a robust influencer program. The guide to getting started with influencer marketing includes recruiting influencers, writing campaign briefs, managing influencer relationships, measuring true ROI, and much more.

“We encounter a surge of brands that want to start an influencer program and have a very real need to do so. Influencer marketing is not something you simply buy software for and click a button to implement. There are so many intricate nuances to making it successful that many brands are unaware of,” says Sharon Thompson, VP of Marketing at GRIN. “With GRIN, brands can now manage and build their campaigns and manage influencers on one platform. GRIN replaces the need to manage programs manually on spreadsheets.”

Influencer Marketing–Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Frame, a user of GRIN since MVMT’s inception, built the MVMT Watches influencer program from the ground up. Working in multiple spreadsheets and growing the company’s influencer relationships from one influencer to over 100, Frame came into influencer marketing when it was nearly a new concept amongst brands. Now MVMT Watches’ influencer program has scaled exponentially and is continuing to grow.

Pegasus Residential partners with REPLI to streamline internal marketing efforts by offering a full suite of digital marketing solutions

Pegasus Residential, a Top 50 Multifamily operator, has partnered with REPLI to offer streamlined digital marketing solutions to their properties across the Southeast, Texas, and Virginia. REPLI, a prop-tech company headquartered near Atlanta, offers custom software solutions exclusively for multifamily properties, supported by their in-house digital agency.

TikTok – How BrandsCan Benefit From It amid Crisis

Both Pegasus Residential and REPLI understand the need to offer flexible digital marketing solutions for any owner, asset type, or budget. With REPLI as a partner, Pegasus is now able to offer industry-leading digital marketing services, such as PPC and social ads management, full-stack SEO, photography and videography services, and the best-in-class websites. These services are implemented through customizable packages addressing the complex needs of multifamily owners.

“I began working with REPLI in the very beginning and have watched them grow into the industry-leading platform they are today. They are nimble and can accommodate any request or timeline I give them, and better yet the finished product far exceeds my expectations. Their products, performance, and communication is second to none. I am so happy to call them a Pegasus partner!” – Devin Harvey, Director of Marketing Projects, Pegasus Residential.

The IT Marketers Need to Upgrade Digitally to Effectively Contribute to Decision-Making

By partnering with REPLI, ownership groups have direct access to the most strategic, innovative, and best-performing digital marketing solutions in the industry. Specialized in building custom integrations and solutions specifically for multifamily, REPLI’s exclusive service offerings demonstrate a measurable increase in owner and property value.

Intentwise launches a free mobile app, giving users the ability to track Amazon advertising performance anywhere, anytime

Managing Amazon advertising accounts can be all-encompassing, requiring more tracking and oversight than ever before. It’s crucial to be able to do so anytime, from anywhere. That’s why Intentwise is delighted to announce the launch of a mobile app to help brands, sellers, and agencies track Amazon advertising performance metrics even on the go. The mobile app, which Intentwise is offering as a free download, also provides valuable tips and techniques for optimizing campaigns and the capacity to request an on-demand account audit.

Amazon to win Big in the Retail Economy Post COVID-19

With the Intentwise mobile app, advertisers can quickly access critical metrics across multiple accounts, view trends over various time ranges, track the biggest movers at campaign, keyword, or product level, and scan budget pacing charts. The app’s Academy section, which has simple, actionable tips for optimizing ads, is continuously refreshed and updated as Amazon makes changes to its platform. Finally, advertisers can initiate account audits directly from the app, activating our customer success team to produce a report of missed opportunities and best practices that can improve the account’s performance.

“The Intentwise mobile app is a fantastic tool to get your Amazon advertising performance snapshot. It’s intuitive and presents the most important information in an easy-to-consume way,” said Keah Kalantari of Friction Labs, an Amazon seller in the outdoor sports category. “I use it to monitor performance and to get a quick sense of what is changing in our account. The advertising ecosystem on Amazon seems to shift every day, and the Intentwise app is a great way to stay on top of it.”

B2B companies – How to Deal with Effects of Coronavirus Pandemic

“A typical advertiser or agency is juggling many — maybe too many — things at once. Our mission is to make their lives easier. The launch of our mobile app, which helps them quickly and easily track advertising performance, is a big step in that direction,” said Raghu Kashyap, co-founder, and CTO of Intentwise.

Orlando SEO Agency, Web Daytona, Continues to Provide Services as Florida Businesses Approach a New Normal

Web Daytona, Florida’s leading full-service digital marketing agency, has confirmed they will be providing uninterrupted services throughout this uncertain time. As businesses continue to work in unfamiliar settings, digital marketing is becoming more relevant for those trying to stay afloat. The Orlando SEO professionals will continue to bring their clients professional online marketing, as businesses across the country begin to return to normal operation.

Agile Marketing – The Magic Mantra for Successful Marketers

Web Daytona works with clients from various industries, establishing their digital presence with search-friendly websites and online strategies. Their customer support and maintenance services, as well as ongoing monitoring, give businesses the edge they need to stay competitive. This has proved to be especially valuable in recent months, with the business world being forced to adapt to a new way of operating.

Web Daytona CEO, Gary Vela, spoke about the outbreak and the digital marketers’ decision to stay operating throughout it: “These are uncertain times. With remote work and collaborating on the rise, companies are rushing to embrace digital channels. We’re seeing more businesses than ever creating or updating websites, moving over to e-commerce, and firing up their social media profiles. Being able to adapt right now is important, and Web Daytona is proud to be a part of that digital transformation.”

Influencers Should Have a Key Place in Marketing Plans during an Economic Slowdown

With companies around the world adjusting to a new normal, we see more operations using digital strategies to move their operations online, and for good reason. E-commerce sites offering essentials have reported surges in online traffic over the last three months. Travel websites have experienced a big uptick in traffic, as well, with visitors looking for discounted rates on flights. With these and dozens of other industries bringing in new, unique visits, digital marketing is a handle for business owners to grab onto and leverage this new market.

AppVault announces video integration with their virtual event platform

AppVault’s Anywhere Career Fair virtual platform enables organizations to easily expand their presence beyond in-person career events. Hosting virtually allows for extended hours of operation while reducing resources, cost, and travel thereby increasing the volume and quality of talent available to connect with.

Digital Marketing – The Cornerstone of Businesses in the Crisis Period

AppVault’s virtual booths are branded for the participating organization and function as a promotion of any department, region, profession, career opportunity, or aspect of the company’s culture. Participants can then choose to chat with recruiters or other members of the organization in real-time through AppVault’s chat feature.

In addition, to live chat, AppVault is proud to announce integrated video communication, bringing an even more personal element to the virtual environment. “As a result of COVID-19, our clients, particularly in healthcare, needed to quickly pivot from onsite events to virtual, ideally with video capability to allow for video interviewing. We’re proud we were able to respond quickly and elevate the virtual recruiting experience” says Tom Daly, Founder, and CEO.

Conversion Pipeline Offers Free Digital Marketing Solutions

AppVault, a pioneer of virtual career events for individual and large media companies, is now the first to seamlessly integrate video conferencing into their online solution. Companies can also opt to use their own video system by sharing an invitation link with event participants during a live chat.

Simform and SoFriendly Announces the Acquisition and Relaunch of Newton Mail

Newton, an email management app, was relaunched after being acquired jointly by Simform and SoFriendly. Newton’s subscribers can now return to their original accounts and use the amazing app.

Instagram Trying On Ways to Navigate Through Users’ Stories

Newton won the Webby Awards People’s Voice for “Best Visual Design Function” in 2014. At the peak of its growth in 2018, it had 40,000 paid subscribers. But it experienced an untimely demise due to CloudMagic’s inability to successfully picture the app’s long-term profitability and growth. On February 12, 2020, Essential, it’s next owners, announced they were shutting down too and Newton will continue to run until April 30, 2020.

Newton for Mac was considered among the best mail clients for its consistent emailing experience and distraction-free design. In 2014, alongside the Webby Award, Newton won the “Best Design” award at Evernote Platform Awards. It was also praised by Really Good Emails for using plain text to improve user engagement.

Newton’s acquisition furthers its mission of a supercharged email management app with critical features like Read receipts, Send later, Undo send, Recap, and Instant push notifications. However, users have been vocal about Newton’s poor customer support, app upgrades, and bug fixes. Together Simform and SoFriendly plan to change its course with native customer support and an open voting system for feature requests.

“We want to address these concerns head-on by introducing pro-grade customer support. The Newton community needs more engagement and love,” said Justin Mitchell, co-owner of Newton. “To build a community-driven product, we want to be active listeners and understand your requests directly. We will introduce a community discussion forum to create a place for Newton users to discuss their ideas.”

The Face of Social Media will Change After COVID-19

Furthermore, the new owners plan to open-source the app and use self-hosted servers to support the product indefinitely so that your contribution is not wasted. The future roadmap also includes strengthening privacy and security. These changes will make it easier for users to delete and take ownership of their data faster.

“There are many bugs and crashes we need to iron out. We also need to deep dive into the codebase in order to understand over a million lines of code,” said Maitrik Kataria, CEO of Newton and Partner at Simform. “Within three to six months, we also want to deliver new features – dark mode, fixing Superchargers, and more – requested by the users.”

Salesforce Appoints Gavin Patterson President and Chief Revenue Officer

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced the appointment of Gavin Patterson as President and Chief Revenue Officer. Patterson, who has served as the company’s President and CEO of Salesforce International, will lead the company’s global sales organization and will continue to report to Chair and CEO Marc Benioff.

Sales CRM Pipedrive Acquires Mailigen, Provider of Email Marketing Automation

Patterson joined Salesforce in 2019 as Chair of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Salesforce’s fastest-growing region globally. Earlier this year, Patterson was named President and CEO of Salesforce International where he led the company’s go-to-market strategy across all international regions. His appointment to President and Chief Revenue Officer is effective August 1 and he will be based in San Francisco.

“Gavin is an outstanding global leader and I’m delighted to welcome him as the Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce,” said Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce. “Gavin’s global experience, network, and public company CEO experience uniquely position him for this critical leadership position at Salesforce.”

The Changing Face of Conversational Marketing in 2020

“I am excited to be part of the global success story of Salesforce,” said Gavin Patterson, President, and CEO of Salesforce International. “In the months ahead, we will remain focused on helping our customers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying our technology and enabling them to re-open their businesses and communities safe. Our world-class sales organization is built for moments like this, being a trusted advisor able to deliver the full power of Salesforce to help make our customers successful.”