Pegasus Residential partners with REPLI to streamline internal marketing efforts by offering a full suite of digital marketing solutions

Pegasus Residential, a Top 50 Multifamily operator, has partnered with REPLI to offer streamlined digital marketing solutions to their properties across the Southeast, Texas, and Virginia. REPLI, a prop-tech company headquartered near Atlanta, offers custom software solutions exclusively for multifamily properties, supported by their in-house digital agency.

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Both Pegasus Residential and REPLI understand the need to offer flexible digital marketing solutions for any owner, asset type, or budget. With REPLI as a partner, Pegasus is now able to offer industry-leading digital marketing services, such as PPC and social ads management, full-stack SEO, photography and videography services, and the best-in-class websites. These services are implemented through customizable packages addressing the complex needs of multifamily owners.

“I began working with REPLI in the very beginning and have watched them grow into the industry-leading platform they are today. They are nimble and can accommodate any request or timeline I give them, and better yet the finished product far exceeds my expectations. Their products, performance, and communication is second to none. I am so happy to call them a Pegasus partner!” – Devin Harvey, Director of Marketing Projects, Pegasus Residential.

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By partnering with REPLI, ownership groups have direct access to the most strategic, innovative, and best-performing digital marketing solutions in the industry. Specialized in building custom integrations and solutions specifically for multifamily, REPLI’s exclusive service offerings demonstrate a measurable increase in owner and property value.

Intentwise launches a free mobile app, giving users the ability to track Amazon advertising performance anywhere, anytime

Managing Amazon advertising accounts can be all-encompassing, requiring more tracking and oversight than ever before. It’s crucial to be able to do so anytime, from anywhere. That’s why Intentwise is delighted to announce the launch of a mobile app to help brands, sellers, and agencies track Amazon advertising performance metrics even on the go. The mobile app, which Intentwise is offering as a free download, also provides valuable tips and techniques for optimizing campaigns and the capacity to request an on-demand account audit.

Amazon to win Big in the Retail Economy Post COVID-19

With the Intentwise mobile app, advertisers can quickly access critical metrics across multiple accounts, view trends over various time ranges, track the biggest movers at campaign, keyword, or product level, and scan budget pacing charts. The app’s Academy section, which has simple, actionable tips for optimizing ads, is continuously refreshed and updated as Amazon makes changes to its platform. Finally, advertisers can initiate account audits directly from the app, activating our customer success team to produce a report of missed opportunities and best practices that can improve the account’s performance.

“The Intentwise mobile app is a fantastic tool to get your Amazon advertising performance snapshot. It’s intuitive and presents the most important information in an easy-to-consume way,” said Keah Kalantari of Friction Labs, an Amazon seller in the outdoor sports category. “I use it to monitor performance and to get a quick sense of what is changing in our account. The advertising ecosystem on Amazon seems to shift every day, and the Intentwise app is a great way to stay on top of it.”

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“A typical advertiser or agency is juggling many — maybe too many — things at once. Our mission is to make their lives easier. The launch of our mobile app, which helps them quickly and easily track advertising performance, is a big step in that direction,” said Raghu Kashyap, co-founder, and CTO of Intentwise.

Orlando SEO Agency, Web Daytona, Continues to Provide Services as Florida Businesses Approach a New Normal

Web Daytona, Florida’s leading full-service digital marketing agency, has confirmed they will be providing uninterrupted services throughout this uncertain time. As businesses continue to work in unfamiliar settings, digital marketing is becoming more relevant for those trying to stay afloat. The Orlando SEO professionals will continue to bring their clients professional online marketing, as businesses across the country begin to return to normal operation.

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Web Daytona works with clients from various industries, establishing their digital presence with search-friendly websites and online strategies. Their customer support and maintenance services, as well as ongoing monitoring, give businesses the edge they need to stay competitive. This has proved to be especially valuable in recent months, with the business world being forced to adapt to a new way of operating.

Web Daytona CEO, Gary Vela, spoke about the outbreak and the digital marketers’ decision to stay operating throughout it: “These are uncertain times. With remote work and collaborating on the rise, companies are rushing to embrace digital channels. We’re seeing more businesses than ever creating or updating websites, moving over to e-commerce, and firing up their social media profiles. Being able to adapt right now is important, and Web Daytona is proud to be a part of that digital transformation.”

Influencers Should Have a Key Place in Marketing Plans during an Economic Slowdown

With companies around the world adjusting to a new normal, we see more operations using digital strategies to move their operations online, and for good reason. E-commerce sites offering essentials have reported surges in online traffic over the last three months. Travel websites have experienced a big uptick in traffic, as well, with visitors looking for discounted rates on flights. With these and dozens of other industries bringing in new, unique visits, digital marketing is a handle for business owners to grab onto and leverage this new market.

AppVault announces video integration with their virtual event platform

AppVault’s Anywhere Career Fair virtual platform enables organizations to easily expand their presence beyond in-person career events. Hosting virtually allows for extended hours of operation while reducing resources, cost, and travel thereby increasing the volume and quality of talent available to connect with.

Digital Marketing – The Cornerstone of Businesses in the Crisis Period

AppVault’s virtual booths are branded for the participating organization and function as a promotion of any department, region, profession, career opportunity, or aspect of the company’s culture. Participants can then choose to chat with recruiters or other members of the organization in real-time through AppVault’s chat feature.

In addition, to live chat, AppVault is proud to announce integrated video communication, bringing an even more personal element to the virtual environment. “As a result of COVID-19, our clients, particularly in healthcare, needed to quickly pivot from onsite events to virtual, ideally with video capability to allow for video interviewing. We’re proud we were able to respond quickly and elevate the virtual recruiting experience” says Tom Daly, Founder, and CEO.

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AppVault, a pioneer of virtual career events for individual and large media companies, is now the first to seamlessly integrate video conferencing into their online solution. Companies can also opt to use their own video system by sharing an invitation link with event participants during a live chat.

Simform and SoFriendly Announces the Acquisition and Relaunch of Newton Mail

Newton, an email management app, was relaunched after being acquired jointly by Simform and SoFriendly. Newton’s subscribers can now return to their original accounts and use the amazing app.

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Newton won the Webby Awards People’s Voice for “Best Visual Design Function” in 2014. At the peak of its growth in 2018, it had 40,000 paid subscribers. But it experienced an untimely demise due to CloudMagic’s inability to successfully picture the app’s long-term profitability and growth. On February 12, 2020, Essential, it’s next owners, announced they were shutting down too and Newton will continue to run until April 30, 2020.

Newton for Mac was considered among the best mail clients for its consistent emailing experience and distraction-free design. In 2014, alongside the Webby Award, Newton won the “Best Design” award at Evernote Platform Awards. It was also praised by Really Good Emails for using plain text to improve user engagement.

Newton’s acquisition furthers its mission of a supercharged email management app with critical features like Read receipts, Send later, Undo send, Recap, and Instant push notifications. However, users have been vocal about Newton’s poor customer support, app upgrades, and bug fixes. Together Simform and SoFriendly plan to change its course with native customer support and an open voting system for feature requests.

“We want to address these concerns head-on by introducing pro-grade customer support. The Newton community needs more engagement and love,” said Justin Mitchell, co-owner of Newton. “To build a community-driven product, we want to be active listeners and understand your requests directly. We will introduce a community discussion forum to create a place for Newton users to discuss their ideas.”

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Furthermore, the new owners plan to open-source the app and use self-hosted servers to support the product indefinitely so that your contribution is not wasted. The future roadmap also includes strengthening privacy and security. These changes will make it easier for users to delete and take ownership of their data faster.

“There are many bugs and crashes we need to iron out. We also need to deep dive into the codebase in order to understand over a million lines of code,” said Maitrik Kataria, CEO of Newton and Partner at Simform. “Within three to six months, we also want to deliver new features – dark mode, fixing Superchargers, and more – requested by the users.”

Salesforce Appoints Gavin Patterson President and Chief Revenue Officer

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced the appointment of Gavin Patterson as President and Chief Revenue Officer. Patterson, who has served as the company’s President and CEO of Salesforce International, will lead the company’s global sales organization and will continue to report to Chair and CEO Marc Benioff.

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Patterson joined Salesforce in 2019 as Chair of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Salesforce’s fastest-growing region globally. Earlier this year, Patterson was named President and CEO of Salesforce International where he led the company’s go-to-market strategy across all international regions. His appointment to President and Chief Revenue Officer is effective August 1 and he will be based in San Francisco.

“Gavin is an outstanding global leader and I’m delighted to welcome him as the Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce,” said Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO, Salesforce. “Gavin’s global experience, network, and public company CEO experience uniquely position him for this critical leadership position at Salesforce.”

The Changing Face of Conversational Marketing in 2020

“I am excited to be part of the global success story of Salesforce,” said Gavin Patterson, President, and CEO of Salesforce International. “In the months ahead, we will remain focused on helping our customers recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, deploying our technology and enabling them to re-open their businesses and communities safe. Our world-class sales organization is built for moments like this, being a trusted advisor able to deliver the full power of Salesforce to help make our customers successful.”

Squirrly 2020 Answers Call from Small Businesses for Affordable SEO Marketing Support with First-Ever Non-Human SEO Consultant

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google search. Yet, understanding how to make that happen leaves all too many small business owners shaking their heads in frustration. And forces them to turn to consultants they often can’t easily afford. The tech and marketing nerds at a company called, Squirrly Limited, says there is a new way forward – and it starts by taking humans out of the equation.

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This week, the company announced the beta launch of its updated software plugin that combines machine learning and cloud services to provide what it says is the same guidance that an SEO consultant would offer, yet with greater precision and customization… at a far more affordable price. Specifically, the marketing software analyzes and offers recommendations for improving the client’s website, identifies actionable steps for boosting Google rankings, and then monitors SEO performance and makes adjustments to the strategy, as appropriate. As such, the software has been dubbed Squirrly 2020: Smart Strategy.

Squirrly’s CEO, Florin Muresan, says this latest iteration of its wildly popular service is the first of its kind and will level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses when it comes to WordPress SEO marketing. Squirrly Smart Strategy can now be downloaded by the company’s existing 200,000 users and will be expanded to new customers as the company gathers information on the user-experience and continues to make improvements.

Launched in 2012 in the UK, Squirrly Limited today has over 6,400 clients in 90 countries, including such megabrands as Microsoft and the BBC. Yet, it says the heart of its focus is “the little guy” – i.e. the small and medium-sized businesses and bloggers that need expert marketing support so they can keep focused on day-to-day operations.

“We deliver insanely great marketing software. Period, ” explained Muresan. “Squirrly 2020 is basically a software version of a private SEO consultant – without the overwhelming cost that can snuff out a business owner’s passion. For a flat monthly fee, we help the creators to create and the dreamers to dream. We put advanced digital tools to work for them so they are highly visible online and therefore can sell their products and services.”

And, by the numbers, that is a service greatly needed if businesses are to beat the odds stacked against them for longevity. Consider these stats: 30 percent of small business owners say that keeping up with technology is a major concern yet, the importance of doing just that is borne out by other research that says up to 80 percent of people check out a company online before doing business with them. Likewise, the average monthly fee for an SEO consultant is over $2,500 a month.

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The complexities of SEO can also leave businesses feeling at the mercy of high-paid consultants who throw around unfamiliar terminology like UX and click-through and keywords and backlinks and algorithms and redirects. These sentiments are expressed in testimonial after testimonial from Squirrly clients on its website who rave about the results they’ve experienced, the money saved, the marketing knowledge they have acquired, and the growth of their business.

Puzzle Partner Named Global Agency of Record for ClinTex

Puzzle Partner, a leading B2B technology marketing agency, announced that it has been named Agency of Record (AOR) for ClinTex, a next-generation solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi – Clinical Trials Intelligence. Puzzle Partner will lead a global integrated communications program for ClinTex, including public relations and content development, to elevate the brand to new heights and raise visibility in 2020 and beyond.

Influencer Marketing–Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

“Puzzle Partner’s understanding of emergent technology and their ability to navigate the market has allowed them to jump right in, providing fresh perspectives to help drive our brand forward,” states Brendan Mannion, Co-Founder of ClinTex. “I’m excited about the positioning that we have unlocked as a foundation for the next chapter of our company’s growth and look forward to seeing that come to life.”

With offices in the UK and US, ClinTex develops solutions that enable pharmaceutical companies to manage and optimize the key pain points in conducting clinical trials without the need for significant investment into backend technical infrastructure or data science expertise. The company has pioneered the CTi platform, which leverages predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials. The CTi ecosystem enables interoperability of all clinical testing information views and provides valuable insights and benefits to stakeholders such as Clinical Project Managers & Physicians, Clinical Data Managers, Pharmacovigilance staff, and Site Monitors.

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“There are tremendous opportunities for blockchain to disrupt the status quo in healthcare, pharma and life sciences,” explains Alan Young, co-founder of Puzzle Partner. “Its potential impact may be one of the most important transformations of our time. We’re thrilled to be on this journey with the visionary team at ClinTex and look forward to working with the company to tell their story and share their insights.”

JSA Partners with Evan Kirstel, Top Technology Social Media Influencer and B2B Thought Leader

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), the preeminent provider of public relations, digital marketing, and event planning services for the telecom, data center, and tech industries, announces a partnership with Evan Kirstel, one of the top social media influencers in the tech and telecom space. Named 4th “Most Engaging Digital Marketer in 2018” by Brand24, Kirstel is well-known in the industry for his social media connections. Through this partnership, JSA clients will have the opportunity to share their social messaging with Kirstel’s vast network of more than 400,000 followers across LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The Future of Advertising: Connected TV

“As an influencer focused on the telecom, data center, and tech space, I have known and worked with JSA throughout the years,” comments Kirstel. “I’ve been honored to moderate JSA’s live industry events, online Virtual Roundtables, and even LinkedIn Chats. Our shared interests, news, and networks make this partnership a great fit, and I look forward to a long working relationship with JSA and its clients.”

“Influencer marketing is a growing trend within B2B,” continues Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO of JSA. “As one of the top social media influencers in our industry, Evan Kirstel has a proven power to ‘move the needle’ with meaningful social engagement for our shared professional community. We look forward to leveraging Evan’s extensive social influence to give our clients an even greater edge in the crowded social media space, especially now during this pandemic outbreak, when social networking has replaced face-to-face networking.”

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As part of JSA’s additional support, it’s providing to its clients during these difficult times, JSA is providing Evan’s social influence to its signed retainer clients on a complimentary basis for the next three months. After this time, this service will be available as an optional client add-on to their existing social media strategy.

Stella Connect and Qualtrics Ink Strategic Partnership

Stella Connect, a disruptive, VC-backed provider of SaaS contact center Quality Assurance and Performance Management solutions, announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Qualtrics, creator of the experience management category. With this collaboration, the two companies will provide a seamless workflow for driving agent engagement and performance to help enhance the customer experience.

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In the partnership, Stella Connect adds its modern solutions for driving contact center team performance to the powerful Qualtrics platform for gathering Voice of Customer feedback. Stella recently released a real-time QA product which, combined with agent/manager 1:1 meeting software, offers the most engaging and comprehensive solution for boosting contact center performance. Companies using Qualtrics to gather VoC feedback can now seamlessly integrate the data into Stella’s solutions, making it possible to drive agent engagement, real-time coaching, and ultimately better customer experiences with the contact center.

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“We are excited to partner and collaborate with Qualtrics given our shared passion for both the agent and customer experience,” said Jordy Leiser, Co-Founder, and CEO of Stella Connect. “Qualtrics’ clients around the world will now be able to take advantage of this new seamless connection that pulls customer feedback directly into Stella Connect, enabling real-time agent coaching, engagement and performance improvement for contact centers.”