Popular Pays Completes End-to-End TikTok Integration

Leading influencer and content creation platform, Popular Pays is excited to announce they have fully integrated TikTok into their platform. From discovering and vetting creative partners to collaborating on content and tracking performance, Popular Pays customers are now able to launch, scale, and optimize their organic and paid marketing strategies on TikTok.

“We executed our first content campaign with TikTok in 2018, back when they were still Now as TikTok, we’ve been consistently executing campaigns with select customers since 2019 Q4, which has helped us establish the fastest growing community of TikTok influencers and creators,” says Popular Pays co-founder and CEO Corbett Drummey. “The time is now for TikTok. The barrier to entry for brands is as low as it is ever going to be, and the opportunity for impact is as high as it is ever going to be right now. Through software, network expertise, and a strong creator community, we want to help more brands become trailblazers and make it possible for them to take advantage of this unique moment in time.”

Popular Pays continues to add 1,000 new TikTok influencer and creator accounts per month as interest in TikTok explodes. Their community touts an average 15% engagement rate, approximately 6 times higher than engagement on Instagram Feed, and average video views top upwards of 100,000.

“Popular Pays delivers on great client service, a user-friendly interface, and a committed group of talented creators. Now more than ever, it’s important for our brands to show up authentically where our consumers are and leverage the community to make the right content,” says Vanessa Santana, Sr. Brand Experience Planner at General Mills, Inc. “We launched a TikTok campaign for Gushers and Fruit by the Foot with Pop Pays, and once again we were impressed with how seamless it is to brief, the engagement of their TikTok community and the speed of content delivery. Our brands have been on TikTok for a while – we love the platform – so it’s great to see that Pop Pays is expanding its creator reach to TikTok!”

In an effort to share their knowledge of the platform with marketers and make the transition onto TikTok as seamless as possible, Popular Pays is offering one-on-one TikTok tutorials and launch packages to encourage brands to be first-movers on the platform.

National Safety Council Chooses Qualtrics CustomerXM

Qualtrics, the leader in customer experience and creator of the experience management category, announced that the National Safety Council has selected Qualtrics CustomerXM.

CustomerXM allows companies to predict, deliver, measure, and respond specifically to customer needs, in order to improve the customer experience and impact key business outcomes such as customer lifetime value, acquisition, and retention.

Realtime Media Releases Latest Version of PromoPick™, the Market-Leading Solution for Digital Promotions

Realtime Media, a global leader in driving customer acquisition and engagement through creative applications of technology, has released the latest version of PromoPick™, it’s innovative, quick-to-market, full-service solution that brings engaging consumer promotions to life. As brands look to engage customers in new ways during these challenging times, this cost-effective solution utilizes advanced technology and offers the most creative layouts, add-ons, services, and products on the market.

Instagram Is a Necessity in A Brand’s Digital Marketing Strategy

“PromoPick™ has long been the leading full-service solution for quick-to-market digital promotions at a great price value,” said Robert Bernstock, president/CEO, Realtime Media. “Our clients span a variety of industries – from retail to consumer packaged and durable goods to electronics and more. Especially during these uncertain times, they appreciate the low cost, ease, and speed with which strategic campaigns can be developed and go live.”

Realtime Media’s PromoPick™, initially introduced in 2015, is constantly evolving to meet changing customer needs and sets itself apart from competitor products in five key areas:

  • Full-Service: PromoPick™ isn’t just a digital product – it’s an all-in-one solution that includes strategic services, development services, prize fulfillment, player support, a dedicated project manager, and official rules.
  • Speed and Affordability: Campaigns can be launched in as few as five to seven days and Realtime Media offers the best price value in the market.
  • Secure and Tested: The platform includes industry-standard compliance for ISO2701, GDPR, and CCPA. PromoPick™ also provides industry-leading fraud mitigation and bot protection.
  • Legal Compliance: Realtime Media has specialized legal expertise in promotions law. All campaigns come with legal administration.
  • Flexibility: Products include Instant Wins, sweepstakes, contests, user-generated content, social media campaigns, and more. Realtime Media also offers dozens of add-ons such as winner drawings, pick your prize, receipt, or unique code validation and age or zip code gates.

Marketing Strategies 2020 – A Blend of Old school and Millennials

Criteo Launches First Self-Service Retail Media Ad Platform to Buy Transparently Across Retailers at Scale

Criteo S.A., the global technology company powering the world’s marketers with trusted and impactful advertising, announced the launch of its first-to-market, self-service Retail Media platform. Retail media, the placement of brand-sponsored advertising within retailer e-commerce sites and apps, is growing rapidly as shopping increasingly moves toward e-commerce. Now, retailers can drive incremental revenue by providing tools that make it easy for brands and agencies to manage retail media campaigns, while also maintaining control of the shopper experience. Additionally, retailers and brands using the platform can deliver consent-based, personalized advertising without relying on third-party cookies.

“Criteo has built the technology that allows retailers and brands to better partner with one another to deliver a more relevant shopping experience and increase product sales,” said Geoffroy Martin, EVP and General Manager, Growth Portfolio at Criteo. “We’re thrilled to now offer a transparent-by-design platform, which enables retailers to scale their retail media businesses and makes it easier for brands to buy across retailers using standardized workflows and metrics. This will truly accelerate retail media to the next level of brand investment.”

David Hutchinson, VP, Marketplace and Retailer Optimization, iProspect, added: “Retail media was already growing, but we have seen an increase of dollars flowing to it in the past two months. Brands now more than ever need the right solutions to reach and engage consumers on the websites and apps of their omnichannel retail partners and to tie media spend to sales outcomes. Criteo’s new platform provides the transparency and control we need to meet client objectives.”

Retail media provides retailers with an additional revenue stream amid an increasingly competitive e-commerce market. Criteo estimates that the total addressable market for retail media is anywhere between $15 billion to $25 billion worldwide. The new platform will enable retailers to power their vendor marketing programs, to tap into different types of budgets such as search and national media, and to enable a variety of creative and targeting capabilities for brands.

The launch marks Criteo’s execution on its full-funnel vision and continued diversification beyond retargeting. As Criteo continues to grow its retail media business, the platform provides brands with access to unique inventory, data, and measurement capabilities.

Momentum CRM Announces Integration With automotiveMastermind’s Market EyeQ Platform

Momentum CRM, a premier automotive CRM solution, has teamed up with automotive mastermind (Mastermind), a leading provider of predictive analytics and marketing automation solutions for the automotive industry, to set the new standard in CRM integrations.

Machine Learning – a Boon for B2B Marketers

Momentum CRM recently elevated its user interface to include a dedicated section within its dashboard for Mastermind’s predictive analytics data through Market EyeQ, the company’s sales, and marketing platform. This enhanced integration will provide the companies’ mutual clients with a strategic advantage and seamless end-user experience. The integration comes as an addition to already existing enhancements, such as two-way notes integration and more.

The Market EyeQ platform coupled with Momentum CRM allows dealers to easily access detailed customer information, including:

  • Customers’ Behavior Prediction Score® (BPS) – a 0-100 ranking system generated by Mastermind’s proprietary algorithms that identify consumers who are ready to purchase, enabling dealers to focus on high-potential customers
  • Deal type
  • Customers’ vehicle history, including vehicle mileage

The integration allows automotive retailers to maximize opportunities with current customers and leads, ultimately leading to more closed deals every month directly out of their CRM.

Automated Personalization – the New Focus for Marketers

“At Mastermind, we pride ourselves on providing unrivaled data and intelligence that easily integrates into any CRM or DMS platform,” said Joe Kacala, Chief Product Officer at automotiveMastermind. “We applaud Momentum CRM for seeing the value in going beyond a standard integration and featuring actionable Mastermind data front and center in their interface to empower our mutual dealer partners to more easily identify, communicate with and close every potential buyer in their market through the combined power of Momentum CRM and Market EyeQ.”

Pipedrive teams up with the Ambitious Africa initiative to develop entrepreneurship in the world’s fastest-growing continent

Sales CRM Pipedrive has entered a partnership with the project ‘Ambitious Africa‘, which aims to empower collaborative projects in the fields of education, entrepreneurship, and entertainment between Africa and the Nordics. This continent-wide program, run largely as a grassroots youth initiative but also supported by the Finnish Government and the European Commission, takes Pipedrive CRM to each country in Africa, where the company plans to significantly expand its business in the coming years

Arho Anttila, Pipedrive’s General Manager for Africa and Asia, confirms that Pipedrive has expansion plans in the African market as the continent has shown steady and rapid growth in the past years with a vastly developing SMB sector and improving living standards. “Thanks to ‘Ambitious Africa’ we can build our network and learn more about the specifics of sales in each of these African countries while enabling this great continent to reach its full potential.”

On May 26, Ambitious Africa held its first Global Matchmaking Summit which brought together more than one thousand Nordic and African entrepreneurs, students, and policymakers. “Pipedrive is extremely excited to partner with such a unique large-scale initiative, which aims to empower the transformation of African countries by creating contacts, collaborations, and fostering entrepreneurial mindset among the youth in two continents,” says Anttila. As part of the partnership, teams of 54 African countries participating in the program use Pipedrive CRM for managing their projects and contacts.

HawkSoft Announces Integration With Better Agency Insurance CRM to Automate Marketing and Sales Campaigns

HawkSoft’s 25-year history is highlighted by an unrelenting focus on building software from the independent agent’s point of view. HawkSoft is proud to announce integration with a likeminded partner in Better Agency, which delivers easy-to-use sales and CRM automation for agents.

Automation and Campaign Management Tools – Priorities for MarTech Teams

The integration eliminates time-consuming double-entry of client and policy data between the two systems. Better Agency automatically syncs with an agency’s HawkSoft database twice per hour. This empowers agents to leverage current HawkSoft data with the powerful automated campaigns provided within Better Agency.

“We immediately recognized a familiar passion in the team at Better Agency,” said Rushang Shah, Chief Marketing Officer at HawkSoft. “Like us, they are focused on independent agencies and delivering simplicity out of the box. Insurance agents don’t need to fiddle with setting up automation workflows or templates because all that comes pre-configured with Better Agency.”

Customer Experience – 74% of Consumers Likely to Buy Based on their CX

“Better Agency is proud to stand with a company like HawkSoft,” says Will Shaw, co-owner of Better Agency. “Shared vision and passion for the independent channel are what made this possible. HawkSoft users now have an advantage over their competition when it comes to growing their agency.”

The Alias Group Establishes Dedicated Salesforce CRM Services Division

The Alias Group has formalized its Salesforce CRM Services division by expanding service offerings under the Optimization and Implementation categories to serve both new Salesforce users and existing users. The mission at The Alias Group is to raise the performance of our clients’ Salesforce instances to equal the performance level that our sales teams execute every day.

Salesforce Optimization Services

  • Admin On-Demand: For immediate sales process impact.
  • Systems Integration: Forgetting the most value from your data.
  • Optimization On-Demand: For lead converting at maximum efficiency.
  • Lightning Migration: For adding features that apply to your sales processes.

Salesforce Implementation Services

  • Express Implementation for Sales Cloud: Start making—and documenting—quality calls ASAP.
  • Express Implementation for Service Cloud: Deliver comprehensive service on every platform.
  • Full Implementation & Integration for Sales Cloud: Ramp up with customized sales processes.
  • Full Implementation & Integration for Service Cloud: Accelerate customer service to new levels.
  • Pardot Marketing Automation Integration: Control complex campaigns by automating tasks.

For decades, The Alias Group has been fine-tuning process-driven Outsourced Inside Sales, Lead Generation, and Salesforce CRM Services models for B2B clients poised for growth. Alias has expanded into many industries with comprehensive, fully integrated inside sales and Salesforce initiatives that deliver on a disciplined and transparent methodology.

The Alias Group implements programs that synch up each client’s unique sales processes with the tools they need to excel. The repeatable, systematic approach also compresses onboarding, routinely up and running—and selling for clients—within two weeks.

iClick’s Integrated Enterprise and Marketing Cloud Platform Drives Robust Growth of QiaQia Food’s WeChat Mini-Program

iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited, independent online marketing, and enterprise data solutions provider in China, announced that the WeChat mini-program of QiaQia Food Co., Ltd, a client of iClick’s subsidiary Changyi, has achieved impressive growth through leveraging iClick’s integrated enterprise and marketing cloud platform with monthly GMV growth of 180% on average since the mini-programs launch.

Since its launch in April 2019, Qiaqia Food’s WeChat mini-program has grown rapidly with the support of iClick’s integrated solutions, achieving cumulative GMV of over RMB 64 million for the twelve months ended May 7, 2020. The total number of mini-program visitors was over 12 million for the twelve months ended May 7, 2020, with the number of monthly paying users rising by an average of 30% every month.

iClick’s integrated enterprise and marketing cloud platform are composed of marketing solutions, consumer data platform (CDP) and enterprise solutions, through all of which iClick propelled the QiaQia Food WeChat mini-programs impressive growth:

  • Marketing Solutions: The omnichannel user acquisition model implemented by iClick for QiaQia Food uses various methods to bring traffic from multiple sources to the QiaQia Food’s mini-program, including search traffic, WeChat Video Official Account and targeted advertising on users’ WeChat Moments feed. iClick also helped QiaQia Food convert offline customers into online traffic by introducing an initiative that offers prizes to customers who scan a code on product packaging directing them to the mini-program.
  • Consumer Data Platform (CDP): All discounts offered to users on the QiaQia Food mini-program are developed and targeted based on iClick’s recommendation algorithm and CDP data which has significantly increased the effectiveness of QiaQia Food’s promotions. iClick’s CDP establishes a 360-degree profile of consumers through multiple touchpoints, increasing the rate at which they make repeat purchases by identifying the most appropriate method to engage users based on their behavior.
  • Enterprise Solutions: With the application of iClick’s enterprise solutions, QiaQia’s customer service representatives can now provide tailored customer service via the convenience of the WeChat platform, which can then enhance user loyalty and stickiness. iClick also conducts in-depth user profiling to give personalized product recommendations and discounts, with advanced algorithms ensuring that product recommendation is 50% more effective than standard methods.