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Adapty Delivers First Ever Insite Online B2B Commerce

Adapty Inc., a leading digital commerce and customer experience company, today announced the successful roll-out of a B2B e-commerce solution for Carotek, USA. Adapty partnered with Insite, an Episerver company, and Digital DNA Marketing agency to implement InsiteOnline, an out-of-the-box commerce solution, for the process equipment distribution business of Carotek.

The shift to digital was imperative in the B2B (business to business) space and particularly now in the economic crisis caused by Covid19 pandemic it has gained more significance. Digital transformation in traditional manufacturing and distribution business has the potential to completely change how clients interact with brands and run their businesses.

Carotek a leading distributor of process equipment in the USA, partnered with Adapty to implement a responsive B2B platform. As part of the implementation, the corporate site and e-commerce portal were merged to give the customer a single site view thereby improving the user experience. The implementation delivered improved customer experience and reduced customer service dependency. This is the first ever InsiteOnline platform implementation for B2B business.

Comments on the News:

“Adapty implemented our new InsiteOnline website for Carotek.com. Because this was a new platform, the challenges were higher than normal. Adapty was extremely diligent at problem solving, and very thorough in the QA process. They were willing to go the extra mile to get things done correctly. They were patient with the learning necessary to complete implementation and very supportive during launch.” – Carotekxaa

Adapty besides having solid B2C e-commerce capability also specializes in providing B2B digital commerce solutions for manufacturing and distribution businesses worldwide.

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