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B2B Ecommerce Platform Znode Launches the Sales Enablement Console

The Sales Enablement Console provides sales people with ecommerce purchase data to better manage the customer relationship. This product release also updates the native B2B theme for ADA Compliance.

Znode, an enterprise B2B ecommerce platform and product of Amla Commerce, has released its 9.6.3 platform update. This update focuses on empowering salespeople with a new console for customer, quote and order data that brings insights to the fingertips of those directly engaging customers. The key features introduced in Znode 9.6.3 include:

Sales Enablement Console:
As more sales move through ecommerce and highly trained sales people are required to work remote, the demand for web-based sales enablement tools has grown. Znode now solves sales enablement for specific representative roles by territory and account assignment. Within the console sales representatives can see quotes, orders and user data associated with their user providing them with insights into customer shopping and ordering patterns and analysis opportunities to ensure customers are receiving the correct information therefore enabling sales people to play the role of consultant and assist in increasing sales transactions. Additional functionality sales representatives gain includes the ability to view and manage users, orders, quotes and returns as well as the ability to create orders and quotes within the console providing a deeper level of customer relationship management. The console is web-based and does not require the sales person to use a VPN for access ensuring a more productive sales team during remote work.

CardConnect Payment Gateway Integration:
An integration to CardConnect has been built as a punchout/iframe method. This integration path provides the opportunity to maintain a consistent user experience, opposed to an off-domain conversion point, as well as the ability to retain full user conversion analytics tracking. This integration is available natively with pre-built API endpoints for quick connection to customers looking to utilize CardConnect as their payment gateway. This payment gateway meets PCI Level 1 Compliance.

Additionally, the Znode 9.6.3 update enhanced a number of existing features including:

Native B2B Theme is now ADA Compliant:
The native B2B theme available in Znode is now Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant at the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level A, thus providing users with disabilities the ability to use a website built utilizing the theme. Complying at a certain level of accessibility is part of the implementation process and maintained after the store goes live.

Znode is a headless ecommerce platform allowing these updates to be consumed by customers without the need for an expensive upgrade process.

“We’re excited to release the Sales Enablement Console as it originated from customer feedback and was engineered into the Znode product in a matter of months,” says Rupesh Agrawal, President and CEO of Amla Commerce, parent company of Znode. “The speed at which the Znode team was able to design and release the new native Znode offering displays the flexibility of the API first architecture. Our customers should also benefit from the increased focus on compliance mandates with the ADA compliant B2B theme update and now PCI compliant CardConnect payment gateway integration.”

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