New Kahoot! Integration With Microsoft Teams Brings Engagement To Distance Learning And Video Conferencing

Kahoot! announced the launch of an integration with Microsoft Teams which allows its 75 million daily users to play Kahoot! games simultaneously or at their own pace from directly within Teams.

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In these unprecedented times, this integration transforms distance learning for schools and remote working by offering an engaging way to connect with others and learn remotely so that teachers, students, and professionals can reach their goals.

When played simultaneously via Teams’ video conference functionality, Kahoot!’s friendly competition brings engagement and human interaction to remote team meetings and classrooms.  This, when combined with new interactive presentation functionality within Kahoot!’s Premium+ offering for business, makes it possible to deliver engaging presentations that everyone will remember through Teams.

Also, teachers or trainers can assign Kahoot! games directly into Teams channels so that members can learn at their own pace.  This game mode remains a group experience and updates are posted into the channel as the game unfolds, culminating in a final results podium that is posted into the channel when the game ends. It has proved a particularly popular solution for teachers delivering distance learning all around the world.

“With the majority of the world’s schools and businesses operating remotely due to COVID-19, now is the right time for this integration which meets the high demand we are seeing for both social interaction and distance learning from businesses and schools alike,” said Eilert Hanoa, CEO, Kahoot!.

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“Microsoft Teams users will now have the unique engagement of Kahoot! at their fingertips,” said Steven Abrahams, Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Corp. “It’s an industry-leading integration which has been highly requested by our customers, and will further enhance the Teams experience by making collaboration and learning fun, no matter where you are.”

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