Creative agency Agenda announces immersive virtual events service, Podium

New York-based creative agency Agenda (, in partnership with technology and design agencies around the world, is proud to announce the launch of Podium—a new, immersive virtual events service designed to bring the scale, theater, richness, and excitement of physical events to the digital realm. Agenda is the only creative agency to offer the Podium service in North America, giving its clients the tools needed to elevate online experiences to match the engagement and impact of traditional events.

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Virtual events, virtually reimagined.
Developed in response to the global health crisis and strict social distancing restrictions, Podium’s mission is simple: Rid the world of traditional, “ho-hum” webinar events by offering a new way to facilitate in-person experiences. Podium makes this possible by combining best-in-class event design, influencer marketing, and media-rich interactive content to create what they call “immersive virtual event design.”

Real-time data. Real-time engagement. Real-time ROI.
Unlike traditional in-person events, every aspect of a Podium virtual event is quantified. Every connection. Every interaction. Every lead. Every time.

Sales forums. Award shows. Conferences. Networking events. B2B or B2D. Podium provides what traditional events can not—enhanced sales and networking capabilities, lead gen and acquisition efforts, all while providing real human connections and interactivity with a real audience.

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Partners in innovation
To create a truly immersive virtual event experience, Podium leverages the cross-industry expertise of technology and creative agencies Agenda, The Crocodile, Onalytica, and Turtl—in partnership with leading technology company ON24 and with international support from the global independent agency network Affinita.

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