Strategy9 Announces the Release of Queue Manager – virtual SMS-based waiting system

Strategy9 announced the immediate availability of Queue Manager, enabling casinos, restaurants, hotels, and any business faced with traditional lineups of customers to eliminate these waiting lines through the use of SMS text messaging.

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“We’re very excited to see how many casinos are asking for Queue Manager within a week of the release,” said Andrew White, CEO at Strategy9.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying a Queue Manager. Casinos are already benefitting from the SMS text-message based system, which allows casino customers to wait in line – virtually – by simply sending in a text message to the casino’s SMS number (which is all set up for the casino by Strategy9).

Where demand is high – like at the entry to the casino – customers can wait in their cars and are summoned to the casino entrance with an SMS Text message when they get to the front of the line.  Casino customers can text in a code word like “wait” to receive an update on the estimated wait times.  The system asks the casino customers for their party size, to better help the casino estimate capacity and maintain safe occupancy loads.  Queue Manager can even recognize players by their “player’s club tier” or another VIP status.

Queue Manager will help in many places in a typical casino environment and can be used for applications like restaurant waiting lists, player services functions, valet parking, bowling alley waitlists, etc.

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Queue Manager Availability

Queue Manager is available now and can be activated for existing customers in minutes, and new customers can be up and running within hours.

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