North 6th Agency Announces Strategic Venture With Award-Winning Integrated Marketing Firm Magnetik

North 6th Agency (N6A), The Outcome Relations Agency™, announced that it has entered into a strategic venture with integrated marketing firm Magnetik™.

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Since 2006, Magnetik has established itself as a premier integrated marketing agency based in New York City. Combining cutting-edge technology, award-winning creative, and strategic best practices, Magnetik has serviced more than 100 brands across all categories, including disruptive start-ups and global enterprise brands, such as Akamai, NBC Universal, and Tommy Hilfiger USA.

N6A will be integrating Magnetik’s suite of services into its Outcome Relations™ offering for clients, which combines earned media, amplification, and KPI alignment to support the specific business outcomes of CMOs, CEOs, and brand marketers.

Through the venture, N6A will now offer the following services to enable clients to amplify their Outcome Relations™ campaigns:

  • Creative and Design Services
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Web Development

“Magnetik’s suite of digital offerings serves an important purpose in enabling brands to amplify the power of credibility assets to drive specific business outcomes,” said Matt Rizzetta, CEO of N6A. “We look forward to servicing our customers with even greater impact and with a tireless commitment to driving their business outcomes as a result of this partnership.”

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